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• 11/19/2018

Alduin's Firstborn

a roleplay for those who know the language of dov,the story is of hatchling of alduin, his scales were as shiny as jewel, and yellow as gold, he never knew his father was until he saw him get destroyed before his eyes.

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• 9/26/2017

Aldmeri Dominion

The Dominion is in the right, Talos is a fake divine.
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• 7/7/2018

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• 5/20/2017

TES III Animation

TES III Morrowind Dagoth Ur is BACK! (TES Main Theme Rock Remix)
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• 1/21/2017

Changing the background+font colour?

I've noticed a problem with infoboxes, quote boxes etc, the background colour is black, whilst the text font is grey, which makes it really hard to actually read the info, please could you change one of the colours, as in black background and white font?
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• 12/16/2016


I think that they should make you be a wizard and go to hogwarts.
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• 7/24/2016

A simple roleplay, but it has a plot

Because I'm new here, I'm just going to make the RP be simplistic, but not to the point it's underwhelming.

This RP will have some things based on mods I have. There are three mod followers here, not counting Ysolda (though she is a follower via one of the mods I have), and many different followers (based on UFO [Ultimate Follower Overhaul]).

Plot: The Dragonborn (played by me, and he shall be referred to by my name [Britton] just as a shorthand) hears of an island located just a few days away from the continent of Tamriel. Already, adventure is in order. But what's more, there's a huge mountain in the center, and it's said to house Dwemer ruins under it. Now that's adventure. So the Dragonborn gathers up his followers and sets off for the island. Along the way, they meet a young Argonian with an Elder Scroll on his back, who gives him and his followers some advice that could save their lives...
Britton (our Dragonborn, a green-teal scaled Argonian with blue feather hair, who I shall try not to make overpowered): ADVENTURERS, ASSEMBLE! Role call! Sofia!
Sofia: Yes, I'm listening.
Britton: Bran!
Bran: *Barks affirmatively*
Britton: Derkeethus, my love! (Britton married Derkeethus after saving him from Darkwater Pass.) Inigo, Arweden, Lydia, Ysolda, Rayya, Beleval, Jenassa, Marcurio, Cosnach, and Ghorbash the Iron Hand!
[As you can see here, if we count Bran, the gender ratio is equal. That, and there's at least one of every species here. When joining the RP, choose two or more of the listed followers that I haven't taken (which are Sofia and Bran), and say a line of theirs.]
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• 3/29/2016

Activity well lack of it!!

We need active users to band together to bring this wikia back from the grave so if you want to help send me a msg on my talk page! We need all the help we can get.
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• 11/27/2013

What's next?

Wow, awesome short story. Will there be future parts and when will they be out???
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• 9/27/2013

A New Frontier: Corelian Adire

Now I know this may be a big ask in terms of art maybe even Deviantart in size but I am requesting that someone with the skill and know how would be able to do for me a portrait of a Balmer called Corelian Adire.
He is almost identical to Knight-Paladin Gelebor but has slightly golden skin and preferably the same armor.
I would be eternally grateful if someone were to take this project up; thank you.
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• 9/15/2013

Elder Scrolls 6

I can't wait for dominion to come out. Skyrim is getting VERY boring. I mean, im a nord in skyrim, im lvl 140 , own and completed ALL DLC CONTENT, completed all faction Quests, completed the civil war on stormcloak side, and completed the main Quest. I'm badass.
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• 9/3/2013

A New Frontier

For all those participating in the New frontier project. How do you think it is going so far, and how might we improve it. I want to hear all your thoughts
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• 6/30/2013

Malefor Vs Alduin.

Who will win.
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• 2/24/2013

Pictures In Infoboxes

Recently i've been seeing pages with pictures above or below the actual infobox where it is meant to be. Here i am going to do a short tutorial in how to fit pictures to infoboxes.
To begin with, when you reach the line that says Image in your template creation, to insert the correct picture you type:
Results in:

The basic image setting is 250px, in the imagewidth column of your template creation you can change the default to a certain amount of pixels as you desire.
Over and out
- Vaughan
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• 2/24/2013

Skrim Characters and a thank you

Just before i get into this, a quick thank you to Pikapi for the changes he has made on the site; They look great.
Anyway, my topic is how many characters on Skyrim do you have and what are they?
I have three, one a Breton named Belous, he focus's on restoration and one handed swordplay, two a Khajiit named Shieth-Aki who focus's on two handed weapons heavy armour and Alteration (for the stoneflesh and shielding Abilities) and last i have Isabelle a Dunmer mage vampire who focus's on Illusion (she doesnt like to kill people) Anyway, this is my first forum post so let me know if there is anything wrong with it :)
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