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Physical and Magical qualities

Average lifespan


Skin color

Ranges from Grey-Green.

Eye color

Ranges from Pale White to Pale Yellow.

Racial abilities



Living Soul -> Dead Body -> Soul Inhabits Body.

Cultural and Historical characteristics




Omataguan Plains

Preferred classes


Religious beliefs



Omatagu's Severeship


Augur are undead beings summoned by the Omataguan Overlord in defense of the City Of Carbrite. They serve as town guards but since Omatagu is run as a Police State, the entire area is under their complete control. They appear as tall, slender beings who wield Soumancic Spells. The art of Soumancy is widely practiced both within the Augur Creators & the entire province of Omatagu.


Augur originate in The City Of Carbrite where the Omataguan Overlord first landed in the Aprupreproamauc Crusade in the early Trasega Age. It is said when he began the Spawn Of Omatagu he cursed the souls of any who went against him within his Police Stated land, to which he has upheld this promise. When any who has defied him die, their souls are trapped permanently inside their own undead bodies. Travelling around, and punishing any who did the same as them in life. This approach to mutiny is often shunned by the other Overlords, particularly the Enscientic Overlord who has often claimed to be Omatagu's arch-nemesis.


Augur use Soumancy, one of the magicks considered sacred to Omataguan Land as the Earth-Riddles dictate that 30 Miles below Omatagu is the Oculon, which is the source of Soul Creation. 

Soumancy uses the power of souls in short bursts. The higher rank you are within the Auguric Order (Eg. Augur Chieftain) will allow you to take the souls of those below you and fire them at enemies. When souls are fired, they weigh down the target as the soul tries to manifest inside of them. If successful, they will instantly die and they will instantly become an Augur.

List Of Usable Spells:

  • Soul Burst
  • Soul Recreation
  • Inhabit Soul
  • Augur Creation


Each variant within the Auguric Order represents a rank. The lowest of these is Augur Neophyte, who have the ability to burst the souls of dead animals from the Oculon below the earth.

The next is Augur Emmetate, these have the ability to burst the souls of Augur Neophyte's as well as animals and semi-sentients such as the Okumori (Dragon in Nirn tongue) or the Alusmi (Giant in Nirn tongue).

The one higher is Augur Troop, these have the ability to burst two Augur Neophytes in the same burst as well as animals. They, however, do not possess the ability to burst Emmetate's and Semi-Sentients.

The next is Augur Magus, these have the ability to burst Augur Troops as they lead them in battle. Augur Troop bursts are absorbed in minimals of 5's.

The final and highest rank is Augur Chieftains who have the ability to burst all of the below in a single burst, as well as having the power to create Augurs from the dead enemies killed, and revive ones used in bursts.

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