Saint Longinus

Marble Sculpture of Centurion Longinus on an stand at the Chapel of God in Exortus

Centurion Longinus, also known as Saint Longinus, is a legendary figure from the continent of Simulium during the end of the Denotatus Era and the early First Era, who is said to had wielded the legendary spear Ascalon, or also known as the Spear of Destiny. Centurion is also said to be the ancestor of Auriel Longinus.

Known History

According to the scripts written by an soldier of Exortus, Centurion lead the setters, and settled upon Exortus. But was encountered by a unknown force. Centurion used the mighty Spar of Destiny to destroy this mysterious force. Alchemists, and other research-related did not located any residue of force, but did in fact, in the First Century of the Third Era, located the Spear of Destiny used by the legendary Saint.


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