"Alp are servants of Molag Bal, and enjoy murdering and raping mortal men. Even the seasoned adventurer should steer clear of an Alp, unless they wish to collect a copious quantity of alchemical ingredients." -Anonymous

Alp are one of Molag Bal's more formidable and vampiric Daedra, found all across Nirn.

Alp are commonly found on their own in dilapidated shacks and dark caverns across Nirn, but, in Coldharbour, they travel in large packs of 5 - 10. They can easily kill an unprepared adventurer with their long talons, sharp fangs, or deadly shriek.

General Stats

Possible Loot


  • They fight better in cold, dark environments.
  • Ranged shriek attack.
  • Sharp talons at close range.


  • Weakness to fire.
  • Weakness to silver weapons.
  • Weakness to the sun.


  • Dark, abandoned caves and caverns.
  • Old, dilapidated buildings.
  • Coldharbour, in which they travel in packs.


  • They are based off the creature of the same name from The Witcher.
  • Alp are normally docile toward vampires, unless they have a master who has instructed them otherwise. This, however, is not normally the case.
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