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Legal Codex of Atlantia

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  • Sitnalta
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Great Shark Temple

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ME 15

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1E 4019

  • Mythic Era
  • First Era

Atlantia was the kingdom of the Nquarians. It was formed from the ashes of Old Atlantia by several thousand colonists fleeing anarchy and civil war. They developed a complex and deadly mix of a monarchial and democratic government. With their large underwater cities and fortresses, the Nquarians controlled all of the oceans on Telus, but for most of their history they made sure to reinforce the public belief of the land dwellers that they and their Empire was a myth. They always kept themselves hidden until they were finally discovered, overrun, and conquered by the Anthiine's Dark Horde. Their territory was far greater than any other nation's on Telus before the rise of the Dark Horde.

Atlantia had a very unbiased culture, with all races and genders being accepted and treated equally. For the first twenty to thirty years of their lives, the citizens of Atlantia attended primary school. During their twentieth year they could extend that or proceed on to Specialization School. They had a small but, highly trained and capable military and were a force to be reckoned with.


In approximately the one hundredth year of the Elder Wilds, "Old Atlantia" dissolved into anarchy and war. A group of seven thousand colonists, led by three thousand government official and specialized workers and warriors, left the kingdom. After their leaving the kingdom collapsed and its inhabitants slaughtered each other, descending into extinction. Several thousands of the Old Atlantean Elite, however, such as the soldiers, engineers. architects, shipbuilders, government officials, and scientists, also left and eventually the two groups joined together to form one expedition. They fled Old Atlantia and settled under the ocean. Their goal, which was to build an enormous underwater kingdom, succeeded. The finished product ended up to be similar to Old Atlantia. Scouts reported of the extinction of the people and fall of their old kingdom. Then, they began to expand their kingdom, building magnificent underwater cities, and fortresses. The people of the Empire then chose to elect an King and create a new ruling dynasty. With their government created, they lived peacefully for many thousands of years into the First Era. Then they were discovered by the Anthiine's Dark Horde, and they were conquered and enslaved. They were, however, allowed some freedoms, and had government positions in the Dark Horde.

For most of their history, they made sure to enforce public belief that their Empire was a myth, to the land dwelling peoples. Always keeping themselves hidden until finally being conquered. Their territory was far larger than any other kingdom's before the rise of the Dark Horde.


The people of Atlantia were ruled by a monarch, called the King. Below the monarch was the Council of Elders. The executive branch of the Council of Elders was headed by the Potentate. The Potentate was in command of all foreign affairs and possessed the powerful veto and legislative block power. The Potentate could declare war and personally preside over or participate in any form of negotiation with foreign nations.

Most domestic changes were subject to popular vote without any intermediaries. In this way. a well liked Potentate could in effect be the second in command of the Empire. To reflect its monarchial government, the Empire and many of its federal branches included the word "Imperial" in their title.

The candidates for Potentate came from five to ten parties, the number fluctuates depending on the phase of Telus' moon. Five named parties existed. The Evita, Larebil, and Ri'Ken, are parties that focues on the militaristic aspects and expansion of Atlantia. Fra'aces focused on peace and the economy, while Miklenian was a party without any set allegiances, but included views from all of the other parties. The other five parties that existed, held many different views and issues, varying from one year to the next.


Main article: Atlantean Military

The Atlantean Military was one of the smallest, but strongest militaries in existence on Telus before the Dark Horde. Members of the Atlantean Army participated in large amounts of drills and peace time training. Atlantean soldiers were at total peace during battle, and were perfectly in step and time with their fellow soldiers. A required training course was also basic psychological training. This training helped them withstand torture and also remain motionless for long periods of time, during actual combat missions, drills, and inspections.

It went through immense amounts of training and as a distinguishing note, all of its soldiers had high magickal reserves, and were very proficient in the use of the various schools of magicka. It had a strict uniform code and a detailed chain of command.


Atlantean technology was unique in its construction, but was also more time and materially wise efficient than their Nirn counterparts. A few unique technologies and abilities created an obvious difference between the Atlantia and any other counterpart.

  • Sokhas refining
  • desalinization magicks
  • Torque Blades
  • An advanced grasp of engineering that allowed the miniaturization of many items.


Atlantean culture was unique in that it was developed as a counter culture. The founders of Atlantia wanted to change what they saw as flaws in their old culture. They also wanted to have a fresh start, and eliminate all bias from their laws, culture, and people. During its golden age, beginning in the fifteenth year of the Mythic Era, their culture was as intended, but by the the twenty second year of the First Era, their culture had become like many others, in all but fact becoming a "normal" culture. The culture of Atlantia was very advanced and had a rich, legendary, and proud history, but it could have been compated to any other culture on Telus. Then in the five hundred and thirty second year of the First Era, the previously unused Ministry of Culture came to the fore front of Atlantean politics. It documented the Golden Age and created a quiz on the varying aspects of Atlantean culture to be taken in the primary education, before Clan Schools. They also monitered the changes in Atlantean culture and drew conclusions about what could be done to set their culture right again.


Education for all people was paid for, maintained, and supported by the government. The minimum number of years that all Nquarians had to invest in their studies was twenty one years, but the maximum amount of years was thirty one. To increase one's knowledge, or to obtain a better classification, a permit could be applied for that extended the period for two to ten years at a time. Five years of a set curriculum were given, then an increasingly open program allowed the student to choose their field of study and study that alone for five years. This made up the twenty to thirty years of education. The final year was spent in Specialization School.

Specialization SchoolsEdit

There were ten specialization schools, each one specializing in a specific field. The main three were the Clan of Warriors, Clan of Shipwrights, and Clan of Politics. The other Clans were the Clan of Smithing, Clan of Magicks, Clan of Archaeology, Clan of Culture, Clan of Sailors, Clan of Merchants, and the Clan of Prostitutes. Thus diplomats, warriors, blacksmiths, mages, and people of other professions were trained.