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Aulus Tullius Hereclus was a male Imperial meber of the Dark Brotherhood. His uncle, the estemed Genaral Tullius, managed to get him the postion of Lieutenant of the Fourth Legion at he age of 20. Hereclus was invovled in several clashes with the Thalmor, most notably with Khajiit borader guards. In 4E 201 he was assigned to be stationed in Skyrim.

Hereclus was supposed to go to Skyrim with his uncle, but was stationed in the Imperial City to consort with the collage of magic. He was then tasked to catch a Khajiit traitor named Do'arji, who was traveling to Skyrim.

When Hereclus and two other legionaries caught Do'arji, Hereclus decided to take the Khajiit to the town Helgan. There, Ulfric Stormcloak, numerous Stormcloak soldiers, a horse theif and an unknown prisoner were schendlud for exacution. Fortubatly, a dragon attacked, destorying the town. Hereclus pretended to help his uncle, Tullius.

Surviving Helgan, Hereclus joined the Dark Brotherhood were he was named the listener. He was invovled in killing none other than the Emperor himself, Titus Mede II.

Hereclus was reagrded as arrogaunt, as well as haughty and proud of himself. However he did repcest those who he regarded as supirior, and was eager to impress.