Big Bad Wolves: Royal Blood

Skyrim machinima - Big Bad Wolves Royal Blood

Skyrim machinima - Big Bad Wolves Royal Blood

Big Bad Wolves: Royal Blood

Big Bad Wolves: Royal Blood is a 2017 machinima fan film using the the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim engine by Bethesda Game Studios as a base.

The story concerns werewolf Tracey uncovering a disturbing secret at the heart of Blackstone's royalty, testing her beliefs in friendship and loyalty.

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Leader of a new werewolf Pack, Tracey travels to the city of Blackstone to learn from the pack leader there, Mark. As the Duke of Blackstone, Mark showers her with gifts and unlimited freedom throughout the city. However, she uncovers a deep dark secret at the heart of Blackstone's royalty when Cassandra reveals some shocking information to her.

Behind the Scenes

Royal Blood is the third in a series of machinima fan films involving werewolves produced in the Skyrim engine. It took several months to write, involving some script doctors.

 The next step is to draw some storyboards for the many shots of the film. These help plan out how everything will be filmed and edited. Almost 150 different shots was filmed for Royal Blood.

Every character and most of the sets had to be designed in Skyrim Creation Kit. Creation Kit is a program that allows modders to modify the game; and was the engine that ran the game Skyrim by Bethesda Softworks. There only a few special effects, such as Cass's tears and the title sequence, and these were completed in Adobe After Effects.

Production and editing took another 2 months to complete. Music was provided by folk singer Angie Starr and Kevin MacLeod of

Mods Used:


  • Cute Eyes - tktk
  • Beautiful Lips - tktk
  • Enhanced Character Edit - ECE Team
  • CBBE skin texture V2 V3 - navetsea
  • Caliente's Beautiful Bodies - Caliente
  • Detailed Male Faces - dretmo
  • Superior Lore Friendly Hair - HD Textures - skyrimaguas


  • Skyrim Hoodless Dragon Priest Masks - insaneguy99


  • Dynavision Dynamic Depth of Field - MyGoodEye & Gopher

Lighting & Colour

  • Climates of Tamriel - JJC71
  • Realistic Lighting Overhaul - The Realistic Lighting Team
  • Imaginator - MyGoodEye & Gopher
  • FaceLight - tktk1


  • Crimson Tide - Magus

Machinima Tools

  • SkyUI - SkyUI Team
  • Directors Tools - Artisanix
  • Puppeteer Master - JohnB
  • Violens - Reko
  • Alternate Actors - Iceburg
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