To the east of Black Marsh lies the island of Caload, a Lilmothian Empire territory disputed by Dissident Confederacy, and the Kingdom of Caed. To most it is a far off tropical paradise, an unimaginable destination, and a tropical dream that is as familiar as a mage or warrior. Behind fear and mystery, Caload possesses beauty not found anywhere else in Tamriel, and a splendid culture.

First off, the only known travel route to Caload is by boat from the Lilmothian merchant city of Heting.

Geography and LandscapeEdit

Caload can be split into four basic geographical regions, which are explained in detail below. In general, Caload bears many Gold Coast traits, the sandy beaches, and tall, leafy trees reminiscent of the Great Forest. One might readily assume that one is in Cyrodiil among the beaches and resorts of the wealthy. The somewhat square shaped island is rather small, comparable in size to the main isle in Lake Rumare.

Eniax ForestEdit

The Eniax Forest is a region of tropical trees and rolling hills in the south and southwest corner of the island. It's boundaries can roughly be marked by the Watchtower of Tegrize and Faright Grove in the north, and the Suanges River in the east. It is, unlike most of the island, not always extremely hot. It is unarguably the most hospitable section of the island, and of no mere coincidence that the Lilmothian settlements are built there. Of note in the region is Faright Grove, a peculiar set of rocks, carved with ancient Argonian runes in the north of the forest.

Clon PlainsEdit

These plains are sandwiched in the west central area of Caload, marked by mountains to the north and Lake Fortest and the Suanges River to the west. It is a tropical display of flatland, not as forested as the Eniax Forest yet not as hot as the other regions. Of note in the region is the Altar of Teper, an arrangement of highly carved, adorned obelisks west of the Stradize River. The aforementioned Lake Fortest is a breeding ground for the local creatures called Cantameri. It has a tropical climate year round, and is known to have a cave system below it where the Barsaebic Aylieds city, Vingtachen, is located.

Edove CoastEdit

The Edove Coast is the name of the eastern coastline of the island, which sticks out with its awkward topography. It is dotted with Argonian burial and tribal caves and haphazard hills. It bears some traits of each of the other regions along their respective latitude. It is here where Helages and Faldarch are found. The region is unsurprisingly rather exciting, with parties on the beaches and the finest restaurants and hotels on the whole island located within Helages and Feldarch.

Skyring MountainsEdit

In the northwest corner of Caload is the treacherous region known as the Skyring Mountains. They are jagged, nearly impassable, and almost always in a snow storm. In fact, this is the only region on the island where snow falls. Few people or settlements are present, and only the most rugged of creatures take refuge here. This region also entails the tropical tree forest in the far northwest. The region is, however, home to various intriguing geogrpahical structures. The Tragmoor Gully spans a large section in the far northwest corner. Near the Clon Plains lies Mundroth's Savior, a collection of trees, that when seen from above are shaped like a werecrocodile. Kaldvit Peak, the highest mountain on the isle, is located in the Skyrings.


Watchtower of TegrizeEdit

The Watchtower of Tegrize is the third largest settlement and the biggest structure on the island. It is of course a Lilmothian Fort, and manned by the Lilmothian Horde. The post is a strong one, and has only once been breached. Inside is a Hist Cult Shrine, a plentiful armory, and general quarters for the soldiers. The Watchtower is seen by most as the cushest post, and they are constantly bickering with the Deployment Generals in Black Marsh over how long their post at Tegrize should be. The fort has a particularly large armament, bearing more weapons, armor, and men than most of the Lilmothian forts in Black Marsh. Since an attack by werecrocodiles, little is known of the fate of the Watchtower of Tegrize other than that the Barsaebic Aylieds, the original inhabitants of the isle of Caload are looking to drive it, the Argonians, and their respective presence off Caload for good.


Helages is located in the far northwest corner of the island, devoid of Lilmothian law or taxes. It is a collection of multi storied buildings, resorts, beach houses, and traditional Argonian homes. In Helages you can find the famous skooma trader, Ya-Lirju, the famous smith, Gertrude Weather-Cock, and sometimes Kings and Queens from other nations. The city is guarded by Argonian Shamans, and Berserker Warriors, clad in rare, traditional armor.


This huge metropolitan city is located near Lake Fortest, in east central Caload. Faldarch was founded a hundred years ago by Barsaebic Aylieds who were disgruntled towards the strict beliefs and customs, thus they left and built their city further south. Rumor has it that Borzol gro-Olug, the leader of Nova Orsinium, takes frequent vacations here. The Duke maintains a sort of absolute power, only over the city itself, within Faldarch. The residents here are happy and wild, happy to share a bed or a tankard.


Westward up the coast from the Watchtower of Tegrize is Qurefer, a steel ore mining city for the Trade Guild. It started as but a simple mine, but grew to a city of considerable size, the biggest on the island. At its peak it has the mine, several taverns and inns, miners quarters, many other residences, government buildings, villas, resorts, several smithies, and several general stores. The city's governor, Bim-Seel, and the Emperor of the Lilmothian Empire, Emperor Gold-Heart II, are bitter enemies, to the point that violence was used between them.

Other SettlementsEdit

The Barseabic Ayleids have built cities in many of the rocky caves on the island. Most of the remain friendly, and should typically allow you to enter and speak with them. Many of them are Aylieds whose ancestors once lived in Cyrodiil and Black Marsh. Two the north, where two rivers meet, lives Ten-Tongues, the daughter of Emperor Gold-Heart II, and her companions in a huge resort. Just north of the Watchtower of Tegrize is the resort of the famous alchemist, by the name of Ra'zhin-Dar. In the far northwest, near the Tragmoor Gully, is Castle Stagkard, a huge castle made of sandstone. It is inhabited by the Imperial family when on a visit to Caload.



The Argonian occupation on this island is not at all unlike that of anywhere else in Black Marsh, and Blackwood. By this, they have made fierce enemies with the local Barseabic Ayleids. They are either affiliated with the Lilmothian Court, Lilmothian Horde, one of the Guilds, or the Hist Cult. Unsurprisingly, the local Argonians rarely leave the Watchtower of Tegrize, Helages, Faldarch, or any of the main cities, not risking an excursion into the Barseabic Ayleids' land.


Called Dark Elves by men, the Dunmer are a sect of Aldmer who broke off and settled in the region known as Morrowind. They have recently created the Dissident Confederacy and are competing for the island of Caload with the Lilmothian Empire, and the Kingdom of Caed.

Thesame WitchesEdit

Dotting the wilderness of the island are dangerous witches who are called Thesame Witches. They violently and strictly follow the teachings of the goddess Kinula, who is the Goddess of Storm and the teacher of the Way of the Fist. They will attack anyone on sight, seeing them as a threat to their beliefs. Thesame Witches are often found with animals by their sides, making them even more deadly than before.

Barsaebic AyleidsEdit

These reclusive Ayleids are a peculiar bunch, with attitudes and religions differing drastically from the other inhabitants of Caload. They are very tradition and honor bound, and take offenses against their members very, very seriously. Punishments for serious crimes can be either exile or being subjected to be sacrificed to their gods. Their religion is centered around their ancestors and their betters' ancestors. They hold their betters' ancestors with very high regard


Dragon's TongueEdit

Dragon's Tongue, a common name for a fernlike herb found in Black Marsh and Caload, is especially prolific around the area of the Ultherus Swamp in Black Marsh, and Lake Fortest in Caload. It is a beautiful wildflower whose name comes from the fire red fronds that protect its golden efflorescence. As pretty as it is, it is a deadly poison to most beings and needs to be avoided by adventurers, as it is lethal to the touch.

Somnalius FernEdit

The Somnalius Fern can be found in the swamps of Black Marsh and along the coast of Caload. The fronds of this plant are light green and quite delicate. Picking a frond can be very difficult, as they usually crumble to the touch, but once retrieved, it can be used to put an enemy to sleep for a short while by passing it under his or her nose.

Palm TreesEdit

The most recognizable feature of this island are its palm trees, which stretch out in all directions, creating an amorphous blanket of coconuts, and long, green leaves. The trees of course are rather tall just like their mainland cousins in Tamriel, and are most common in the Eniax Forest.



Cantameri are otter like creatures that reside in and around the waters of Caload. They have brown fur and sharp teeth. Though they have fur and so are mammals, they exhibit the ability to breathe underwater, as they can perpetually stay underwater. Cantameri are normally docile creatures, but can be territorial and will attack travellers who approach them at too close of a distance.


The obscure tree folk of Caload are indeed a bane upon anyone. They are found in the forests, and are known to draw their power from the trees themselves. What makes them the most dangerous is their regenerative abilities. Spriggans do not die once, but three times until they are fully defeated, meaning one spriggan is actually like fighting three, making them a pest in groups.


A dangerous nuisance near any body of water, mudcrabs are interesting only as a source of succulent crab meat.


A common and aggressive fish found in the waters surrounding Caload.


The troll's uncanny ability to regenerate itself makes it a very dangerous opponent. Fire, magical or otherwise, is one of the quickest ways to put an end to a troll.


A common predator throughout Caload, Wolves can be found both outdoors and in the caves where they make their lairs. Vampires often keep them as guards and companions.