The chosen weapons of the terrorists that call themselves the Edancel Cult.

One of the Edancel Cult's most interesting weapons is a concealed, mechanical dagger similar to that of what a Garom Tong member used for close-range assassinations. It is mounted on the inside of the left hand gauntlet, and springs into position from under the left wrist with a fair amount of force. The blade extends between the middle and little fingers through the space left by a Edancel Cultist's amputated ring finger. This amputation was part of the initiation for becoming an assassin of the Edancel Cult. However, many cultists do not use it this way, but rather tilt the left hand back to allow room for the blade.

The blade only works if the target is engaging in combat, or if they are thrown to the ground. For low profile kills, the cultists approach slowly, places their palm against their abdomen or kidney and triggers the blade to extend into their body. Persons in the area will not notice right away until the target collapses, and if an Ednacel cultist remains near the body, they will suspect them for killing him. It can also be used for high profile kills, while flashy, they are very obvious to everyone around.