Deepen Moor was a large bog in the center of Highcraft, bordered by the Silgrad Region to the southwest, Deepen Meadows to the southeast, Ashunor Valley to the east, and the Soluthis Region to the north and the Forgotten Forest to the west. The mighty Ashunor River flowed in an upside down u-turn around the bog. More often than not, the fog clang thickly to the ground of this eerie bog, obstructing the view of travelers. Because of the treacherous ground, the bog was arduous to travel through, so it was a popular haven for outlaws who had memorized safe passages.

The most well known Provisional Hetman of this region was Ralas Hlaren, a long-standing member of the Volcano Bureaucracy. A new Blighter fishing village was constructed here. It was called Nekhostif Ouadar, which in the Blighter language means Near Water. The villagers were lower middle class, or in other words, not quite as poor as the villagers to the north in Ebbedin, and were generally happy with life.