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Driana Haallu
Biographical and chronological information

Given name:

Driana Haallu

Family name:



Cheydinhall, Cyrodiil


3rd Era

Physical traits and magical qualities


Dark Elf



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Societal status and affiliations


Cheydinhall, Cyrodiil


Akira Haallu


Dark Brotherhood; Thieves Guild


“Life is a gift, yet it's easily snatched away. Welcome to the Brotherhood.”
―Driana Haallu

Driana Haallu

Driana Haallu (also known as the Woman of Red) was a successor to the Haallu fortune and primary heir to inherite the Haallu estate. Throughout her life, she has sealed her own glory after her former wealth and riches were taken away in assassinations upon her family.

History Edit

Early LifeEdit

Driana Haallu was born into a prosperous family of Dunmer folk who had moved to Cyrodiil shortly after Emperor Uriel Septim VII (?) came into power. Her mother, F'ahana Haallu, was an adept merchant who had secured her daughters future along with Driana's father, Sethano Haallu, who was the head of the in-favor Haallu political house in Morrowind.

For the first five years of her life, Driana was taught basic (yet criminal) skills, such as lock-picking, by her father, whilst her mother taught Driana the ways of Illusion and Alchemy. On her sixth birthday, she had officially mastered the art of coercion and lock-picking, as well as beginning to learn more alchemical skills. Throughout that year, Driana was told about the House Haallu and how important it was... and how murder was the best remedy for losing wealth. Her father began to teach her how to sneak, and use the surroundings to an advantage. It was at this time that Driana's parents were planning a merchants caravan trip to Bruma in order to secure another business deal. Three weeks later, the caravan went out with Driana's mother and a maid. Only two days later did news reach Driana that her mother had been killed - her father was certain that it had been a member of the rival Ghalae House, but the guards insisted it was bandits. 

Drove by revenge, Sethano taught Driana how to kill stealthily and installed the message into her that despite their wealth, at the heart of it was a dark corruption: assassination. Sethano told Driana that if he ever died, it would be up to Driana to seek revenge. Lo and behold, on Driana's 7th birthday, Sethano was murdered by Horen Ghalae. The estate was burnt down and Driana only escaped when the maid took the young Driana into the forests to a secluded, isolated shack and looked after her for several years. Using the skills that Driana had learnt, she began to hunt, and focused her days and nights on archery and practicing how she'd kill Horen.

When she was 19, she left the maid's care.

Jerall Mountains & the Imperial CityEdit

Driana, after leaving the maid, found that she could live for herself in the isolation of the Jerrall Mountains. She spent her days and nights killing bandits, all for the thrill of killing - in her yester years, she found the idea of actually killing rather disturbing, but as she grew into a fierce woman, she learnt that killing was part of survival.

On the Sundas the 3rd of Heartfire, Driana found lacking in supplies and made her way down the  mountains and to where she located a Khajiit trading caravan. She ambushed it, killing the two merchants and three young Khajiits, and stealing all of the possessions. 

She believed she had gotten away with it, but three days later she was near the Red Ring Road and was taken captive by four Imperial guards demanding answers. 

She was deemed guilty and put behind bars and sadly she found herself in a perdicament of life or death. She used the skills she had gained as a child and broke from prison and escaped within a matter of hours. 

Despite being a wanted criminal, she lay low and sold the items she could in order to provide for herself. After a brief visit to the Copious Coinpurse in the Imperial City Market District, she had gained over 3000 Septims and was able to buy new clothing and a dozen lockpicks. That was when her work really began. After breaking into several stores, word got around of a mysterious burglar who struck at night when owners of stores were at inns. The news spread like wild fire, in fact, and soon enough, the Thieves Guild had noticed her. Also good trackers, the Thieves Guild sent an invitation to Driana and after a week, she was a fully-fledged member of the guild. 

She did odd jobs around the city, mainly midnight robberies of the elderly, or people who had conned others, and life went well for Driana for 3 years up until wanted posters went up around the city and she realised she had to get out - and fast!

She confronted Dra'aiq (a Khajiit friend she had made in the undercity) about leaving the city, and he told her the whereabouts of a secret den of assassins where her skills would not go unnoticed. Dra'aiq gave Driana two days to get out of the city, as that was the longest he could bribe the guards to keep quiet, and soon enough, she was gone without a trace. The Guild did a nice job on her house so as people would think she was killed, not on the run.

Fateful MeetingEdit

Following her friend's advice, she made her way to a place in Cheydinhall, where there was a magic door guarding her entery into a den of assassins. Using the command phrase that she had learned, she entered and was confronted by numerous people ready to cut out her throat. She told the leader that she had been sent by a Khajiit known as Dra'aiq, and instantly, they lowered their blades.

She quickly became renown in the group as an assassin of great skill, gifts and talent, and rumours were spread that she was truly blessed by Sithis himself. Soon enough, she met a guard by the name of Rucki, who she confessed her secrets to unknowingly, and eventually she was caught in the act and sent to prison. It was there was she died.

Personality Edit

“Rely upon no one but yourself, and you will never be let down. Rely upon another, and you'll find yourself stabbed in the back. However, help another, and you'll find yourself the richest man in the world.”
―Driana upon rejecting the help of her friends

Driana was a fiercly loyal, demanding woman. She was independant yet relied upon others to help her through tough times, such as when she had to flee with the aid of her friend Dra'aiq.