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Ranger General Eginor was a Ranger of Bardmont and general in the Enolc Wars, who managed to survive the Order of Disbandment, issued by the Valenwood governemnt.


Born in the forest province of Valenwood to a Bosmer father and Imperial mother, he was found by Ranger Thrangor to be a very gifted child with an abundance of skill with the longbow. Taken to the Ranger Temple in 6E 119, he trained under Arch-Ranger Aranarth as a Ranger Apprentice. He showed considerable talent with many forms of the bow, and later incorporated several bow designs into his own bow, Swift Death. During, a practice fight, he accidently shot off the hand of his friend Gelebor's left arm. Gelebor was driven mad by this incident, and would later come around as a member of the 4th Archer Corps of the Summerset Isles to exact revenge on Eginor. Eginor would be chosen by Ranger Thrangor, around the age of ten, to be Thrangor's Ranger Apprentice. The two would go on many adventures together, including a mission to Falinesti to overturn Serverus Victrix's prostitution ring, who was dabbling in the child whore trade. One of the children he and his master rescued would give him an enchanted piece of bark, that he would later use to craft his longbow. On his way back from this mission, he and his master were waylaid by pirates. One of these pirates was Gelebor, who had fallen to deadra worshiping, which was illegal at the time. One of his pirates knifed and injured Thrangor who begged the pirates to let Eginor leave. Gelebor moved in to kill the seasoned Ranger when Eginor jumped in front of him in defense of his master. After a fierce battle which showcased Eginor's mastery of the Way of the Fist, he defeated Gelebor. Proving his mercy and dedication to the Rangers Codex, Eginor let Gelebor live. After escaping from the pirates, they made their way back to the Rangers Temple and he was honored for his bravery in confronting a Defected Ranger by being raised the Ranger status. Arch-Ranger Aranarth felt that this battle was a sufficient trial for him. Eginor was fourteen years at the time.

Eginor would rise to become a wise and mighty Ranger, as well as a skilled user of all weapons. He started training his first Ranger Apprentice, Amlolas, when Eginor was only sixteen years old, being only three years older than Amlolas. The extremely small age difference between the two, paired with Amlolas' bizarre shunning of the longbow, led to a difficult and strenous relationship between the two. Eginor found it difficult to train a Bosmer who had lost one arm, and was even more perplexed by Amlolas's thoughts and aspirations. Eginor trained him simply because it would be a challenge that would harden him. After Amlolas' ascension to Ranger at the age of sixteen, being promoted after single handedly settling a gang war stretching across an entire city while Eginor was away investigating a smuggling ring, Eginor was promoted to Ranger General at the extremely young age of nineteen. Many high ranking Rangers disputed his worthiness of the position, claiming that he was not yet old enough, and did not have enough experience. Aranarth, however, fully believed in him, and placed all of his faith in him. Eginor, as a Ranger General, trained four more Ranger Apprentices before the Enolc Wars began.

Enolc WarsEdit

The Enolc Wars had begun soon after Eginor's last apprentice, Carwen, was made a Ranger. He was one of the 450 Rangers who rushed to rescue Thalmor member, Aengoth, General Mankar, and Diplomat Kiergo from the clutches of King Sinderion of the Summerset Isles. In the battle between Bosmer and Altmer that followed, he single handedly killed eight of the Altmer elite 4th Archer Corps by shooting them in the legs with poisoned arrows. He lost his original longbow in this conflict, however. When he returned to Valenwood, he remembered the enchanted bark the slave child gave him, and he built a new bow with it. The result of it was a black bow that surprised him. He inquired at the Thalmor Library in Falinesti about it, and found out that it was a piece of bark from the Grove of J'ffre, in southwestern Valenwood. The slave child must have stolen it before she was captured. In truth, the child's father had given it to her for earning the Grove's Temple a monstrous donation.

As were most Rangers during the Enolc Wars, he was made a general in command of his own battalion of troops. The short sighted governor of Athay threatened to defect to the Altmer, and Eginor was sent to interfere. As soon as he arrived, he found out that the leader was the slave girl that he had rescued years earlier. She immediately recognized him as a friend, and was even infatuated with him. Nevertheless, she would not recall her demands unless the orthodox Ranger General slept with her. He surprisingly agreed, much to the dismay of the Rangers of Bardmont who practiced chastity, and briefly banned him from the Ranger Temple. After this mission, he campaigned in many battles and on many battlefields across Valenwood, and the Summerset Isles. He quicky secured Firsthold, which was a famous beach and resort city, from the Altmer, and completely destroyed an army of Orcish and Nordic mercenaries that was issued from the Crystal Tower. He and his troops gained fame and reputation from Tamriel, and even King Sinderion gave a grudging respect to the Ranger General. Sinderion planned on attacking Eginor and regaining Firsthold, but the incredibly powerful Ranger General and his troops proved too strong for Sinderion when he attacked. Sinderion escaped, and plotted his vengeance.

Sinderion, however, was finally beaten by Eginor and his men, and was executed. After the War, when the Order of Disbandment was issued, Eginor was in far away Firsthold with his men, and did not know that the Rangers had chosen to resist the Order. Bosmer assassins momentarily incapacitated him. He quickly regained his wits about him before his lieutenant, Aengvir, could disembowel him, and deftly escaped the swift, and savage sword swing. After killing all of the rest of his men and the Bosmer assassins, leaving Aengvir alone and basically unarmed against his former general. Eginor offered an ultimatum to Aengvir. Instead of being killed, he could come with Eginor into exile. He reminded Aengivir of their deep friendship together. Eventually, after many arguments and duels, Aengvir decided to accompany Eginor.


After escaping from Firsthold with Aengvir, they made their way to the Ranger Temple to find out if any other Rangers had survived the Order of Disbandment. They were present to see the final ending of the Thalmor ruled Valenwood assault on the Ranger Temple. After seeing this, they decided that the Thalmor was too powerful to raise to raise a guerilla Ranger army against, and they hid in Falinesti for a while. Eginor and Aengvir decided to work for the Mages' Guild in Falinesti and sabotage soul gems, amulets, and other magical items sold to the Thalmor. They managed to kill 22 members of the Thalmor until they were discovered. That same day, the Dark Brotherhood came to kill Eginor in his home in Falinesti, Valenwood. The assassins proved to be little match for the Ranger General's skill with the longbow, and managed to steal the Ancient Camoran Crown from the Thalmor Treasury before jumping off of the docks and onto Aengvir's stolen Bosmer hybrid ship. They blasted out of the harbor with several Bosmer ships in pursuit. Miraculously, they escaped the task force and hid in the remote city of Dagon Fel, in Vvardenfell, Morrowind. During this time, Eginor trained with Aengvir, in whom he saw enormous potential with the longbow, in the Arts of the Rangers and Eginor's own unique brand of longbow combat.


Several years later, the Dark Brotherhood again came to kill Eginor, and this time was successful in slaying the elderly Ranger. Before he died, however, Eginor tossed his enchanted bow to Aengvir. Aengvir, wielding both Eginor's longbow and his own personal enchanted claymore, successfully defeated the members of the Dark Brotherhood and killed them with a final slash with his claymore. Aengvir, picked up Eginor's body, and buried it in the ruins of the Ranger Temple.

Characteristics and TraitsEdit

Eginor was respected and honored by his fellow Rangers as a compassionate, honorable, and clever man who adhered strictly to the Rangers Codex. He was a philsopher of the Way of the Fist, who, as was Thrangor, his former master, never offered a seat on the Ranger Council because of his views. During the Enolc Wars, he was greatly admired by the females of Valenwood for his chivalry and exquisite good looks. Long, flowing brown hair and a manly beard accented his head, and ripplng muscles covered his body. His skill with the longbow was matched by none besides former Arch-Ranger Aranarth. It is theorized that if he was with the ill fated party of Rangers that seeked to defend the Ranger Temple, the Thalmor surely would have been defeated and the Rangers of Bardmont would not have been disbanded. During the Enolc Wars his name was feared throughout the Summerset Isles.