Eric Snowmane was a male Nord. He was born in the town of Dunbarrow, Skyrim. He was the leader of the Msirae Avengers, during the 2th Era.


Early LifeEdit

Eric Snowmane was born in the town of Dunbarrow in the province of Skyrim. He was born to a wealthy family of high station. His father was the Duke of Dunbarrow who controlled the small, yet influential Kingdom of Dunbarrow. As a teenager he became a traveling adventurer, saving members of caravans, protecting diplomats, and saving damsels in distress. He eventually joined the Fighters' Guild, where he was assigned to the Fighters' Guild branch in Blackrose.

Msirae AvengersEdit

After performing wonderfully for the Fighters' Guild, he was deemed sufficiently good enough to be invited into the Msirae Avengers. At around this time his sister became pregnant and gave birth to a child, who was named Octavian Gratus. With the Msirae Avengers Snowmane fought for the Emperor, protected the Emperor, virtually wiped out the Naga, and eventually became Lord Commander of the Msirae Avengers.

He was able to prove his worth to the Avengers several times, completing any mission he was assigned within days of them being assigned. Severla years after becoming Lord Commander, the Emperor narrowly avoided assassination. The culprits were found out to be the Fythung.

He led his men, including his nephew Octavian Gratus, into many battles, including the Ambush at Talare, the Assault on Forgoth Cave, the Assault on Fort Lorgrim, and many others. At one point the Avengers set up camp at Klopper Point, and that night Snowmane was almost assassinated by Lumbar gro-Khog. Several days later, his nephew, Octavian was assassinated, and his dead body was presented to Snowmane, by a suicidal assassin from the Fythung.

After a month long siege, the Avengers finally managed to break through and into Fort Lorgrim, slaughtering the remaining members of the Fythung, but when they reached Death Valley, the Storm Council had retreated through a secret cave system higher into the mountain. The Avengers found the entrance into the caves, and slaughtered the remaining members of the Fythung defending their leaders.

Denai-Ves fought and killed more than a hundred Avengers, with the other members of the Storm Council getting equally impressive amounts of kills, but they were eventually overwhelmed. Snowmane was killed fighting with Death-Blade.