Erik Vyndor
Vyndor (2)
The Puppetmaster
Biographical and chronological information

Given name:

Erik Hadrian Xavier Vyndor


The Dragonborn

King of the Dragonborn

The Silent King of Skyrim

The Wandering Lord

Listener of the Dark Brotherhood

Harbinger of the Companions

Arch-mage of Winterhold

Master of the Thieves Guild


Bane of Vampires

Sword Dancer

The Puppetmaster


King of Rags


Coin Horder

Family name:









221 (Player Determined)


4th Era

Physical traits and magical qualities


Human (Nord)



Hair color:


Eye color:

One Green, One White

Skin color:



Silver Sword

Dragonbone Sword

Nightingale Bow


Silver Greatsword



Societal status and affiliations


Skyrim (Usually Vlindrel Hall or Hjerim)


Nilsine Shatter-Shield


Lucia (Adopted)

Blaise (Adopted)

Sofie (Adopted)

Alesan (Adopted)



Thieves Guild

Dark Brotherhood

The Companions

College of Winterhold

Bards College





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"In my experience there is no "right side." There are only those who do the least amount of harm."
―Vyndor on the constant wars in Tamriel
Erik Vyndor, also known as The Dragonborn, The Puppet Master, Tiid Paagoliik (Dovahzul Time Walker), and Ice-Veins, among others, is a warrior, business magnate and crime lord in Skyrim during the Fourth Era. Depending on various circumstances, he could be considered the true antagonist or true hero of the Skyrim Arc.

Enigmatic, professional and for the most part, a gentle man, Erik Vyndor has nevertheless carved a bloody path through Skyrim on a crusade to kill Alduin and the dragons, bring about the end of the Civil War and hunt down the Thalmor. Equal parts brilliant and daring, Vyndor holds his honor and love of his country, family and friends above all else, and though is wealthy beyond mortal comprehension, he cares not for riches. However, he is vested in the success of his businesses and supply routes.


"You ever hear the rumor about the kid who was so poor, he ate the skin off of his own hands to stay alive in the middle of winter in Solitude? Those rumors are true. Look at my hands if you want proof." - Erik Vyndor

Erik Vyndor was born to a poor noble woman in Solitude. Financially ruined by war and strife, the Lady was forced into prostitution to make ends meet. Because of her beauty, she attracted a large clientele, and thus, it is difficult to say as to who Erik's father actually is. But theories abound, and some say that he is half elven. Still others say he is an Imperial Bastard, the illegitimate son of Titus Mede II.

This last accusation in particular, caused considerable concern in the Empire, who feared that this whore would use her child to claim the throne. The Empire first tried to bribe her with money to abort her child, but when she refused, the Empire assumed that she did indeed intended to take the throne. The Empire then contracted three assassins, a Blade, an Argonian and a Thalmor to "resolve" the issue.

The lady fled for her life and went into hiding in the sewers, where she gave birth to Erik. After being captured, she pleaded for their lives, insisting she had no interest in the throne. The Blade and the Argonian were convinced, but the moment they turned their backs, the Thalmor slit her throat. They left the child to die.


Erik was taken in by numerous residence in Solitude. While not actually adopted by anyone, he was welcome in the inn and various homes. This instilled great respect for the people of Solitude. Having also spent his childhood homeless, Erik held a lot of sympathy for the destitute.

During the summer seasons, Erik would travel from Solitude to Dawnstar to Morthal to Winterhold, even Windhelm looking for work to get him through the winter. Sometimes he was lucky and scraped a few septims together to get a hot meal. Other nights he recalls he found shelter where ever he could, sustaining himself on his own skin he cut off of his body.

Despite his dire circumstance, Erik's life was not without friends. He was childhood friends with Benor Morthalson and the Shatter-Shield twins, Nilsine and Friga.

Growing up

Erik eventually began to learn to defend himself in various ways. Argonians, Khajiit and Nords taught Erik general rules (or lack thereof) in brawling, street fighting and knife fighting. This proved useful growing up in fending off theives, wolves and the occasional bear. After the Great War, when veterans began returning home, Erik picked up a chance to learn the art of war. A Nord warrior, Jeddik Stone-Hide, gave Erik a thorough education in combat. He also filled the void in Erik's life for the need of a father.

Eventually, however, Erik began expanding his horizons. He began working on farms, ranches, guard posts, anywhere that could hire him. This included criminal enterprises. He did contracted work for the Thieves Guild and worked as a bounty hunter for numerous people, even Jarls. This money he accumulated for himself and his friends. He freed Benor from Cidhna mine, and assisted the Shatter-Shields in settling debts. During his late teens-early adulthood, Erik began to start a romantic relationship with Nilsine Shatter-Shield.

Unfortunately, the powers that be would not allow a man like Erik peace. War between the Stormcloaks and the Empire was building and the Thalmor were waiting for their chance to strike. Erik stayed out of the war for the most part, initially thinking there was no right side. It was not long, however, that he was forced to make a choice. Thalmor agents, emboldened by the White Gold Concordant and a weakened Tamriel Empire, began cracking down on Talos worship and criminal enterprises. To deal with these problems, and to exert Aldmeri power in the region, the Dominion dispatched Elenwen to Skyrim, while the Thalmor sent the infamous Ondolemar as her scheming, deadly right hand.

Ondolemar and Erik had history together, stretching far back. It is also implied he was the Thalmor who killed Erik's mother, as he often taunts Erik about it. As it was, Ondolemar began putting pressure on people known to support Talos worship. This included the Shatter-Shields. In order to distract the Thalmor, Erik lured a Giant into a Thalmor camp, wreaking havoc and allowing him to steal the Thalmor dossier on the Shatter-Shields. After killing a Thalmor agent that attempted to rape Nilsine, Erik knew there was no going back. He said good bye to Nilsine, and ran to Rorikstead, He needed to leave Skyrim, and he needed a horse.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

"This is so much more than just my life or yours, Paar. We all have a stake in this world, and we all lose if we just sit back and do nothing. I don't know about you, but I like this world...I don't want it to end just yet. There is so much more to write in the history of Nirn..." -Erik Vyndor to Paarthunax

Erik contracted a job with local criminal and horse thief Lokir, and together they managed to steal horses, intending to ride to Hammerfell until Erik could fly under the Thalmor radar again. Unfortunately, Ondolemar was expecting him to make such a move. General Tullius of the Imperial Legion had received intelligence that Ulfric Stormcloak was in the area, giving Ondolemar an excuse to be in the area as well. Erik and Lokir were cornered by the Empire and captured by Ondolemar. As revenge for being a thorn in his side, Ondolemar ripped out his left eye.

Erik was then transported to Helgen with the others, including Jarl Ulfric, Lokir and the friendly Ralof. Ondolemar and Elenwen both wanted to deal with Erik personally, but Tullius pointedly insisted that he was in Imperial custody. Lokir tried to explain that he and Erik were not Stormcloaks, but to no avail, and was killed when he tried to make a break for it.



"Put your hand on him again, and I am going to skin you and leave you for the chaurus."

-Erik to a particularly stupid bandit harassing Brynjolf

Erik by most accounts is a calm, refined and gentle man. He does not see the value of killing for killing sake and works to resolve most conflicts peacefully. He is willing to pay vast sums of gold, silver and diamonds to ensure the safety and well being of his friends and family.

But with that said, one must remember that Erik is a warrior, first and foremost. A part of his soul, corrupted by God-Spell, relishes a good fight. He draws his sword when all other venues fail and does not sheath it until those brave enough (or foolish enough) to face him are killed. Indeed, it can be argued that Erik's calm, calculating exterior is merely a front to a highly psychopathic mind. Erik is well know for using torture and extreme methods on those he deems his enemies. The Battle-Borns, Erikur, Hemming Black-Briar and Elenwen have all attempted to harm Erik and his family and friends one way or another. All of them died horribly, Hemming Black-Briar in particular was slaughtered so violently, that Benor temporarily left Erik's employ to get away from the bloodshed.

In the midst of his sadism in combat, it is important to bear in mind, that all violence is usually never rooted in himself. That is, he doesn't care if some goes after himself directly. Erik understands that an eye must be repaid with an eye. A drunken brawl will usually get him decked in the back of the head a week later. A bad business deal might get him screwed out of several thousand septims. All of which Erik will just shrug his shoulders and consider it his comeuppance. It is only when his wife Nilsine or his children or friends are threatened he instantly resorts to violence, as he sees them as completely out of bounds in regards to retribution.

As a business man and crime lord, Erik is a master strategist and leader, bringing the thieves guild and the Dark Brotherhood to glory. His superior practices also led to the downfall of many organizations across Skyrim, including Maven Black-Briar's empire (though it should be noted that Geralt played a part in this.)

The Thran-druil

"You come into MY city, assault MY family and you think you can just, what, walk away? Oh, no, you posh bastard. NO-ONE fucks with MY family..."

Thran-Druil (lit. All-Family) is old speak and the name of Erik's organization that controls Skyrim. The Thran-druil controls all aspects of power in the land, from politics to business to military to magic, and well beyond, the organization has its hand in it. The family is divided into numerous smaller Druils, or families, each with a special classification and distinction.

- Hy-Druil (lit. High-Family) Erik's immediate family; Nilsine and the children. Attacking anyone of them is a death sentence. No trial, no appeal, no defense.

- Fra-Druil(lit. Brother Family) Erik's inner circle of his closest friends. Benor Morthalson, head of the Companions; Canias Reed, Nightwatcher for the Dark Brotherhood; and Aden Mystyi, a thrall-planeswalker and emissary for the Mage's College.

- Ny-Druil(lit Night Family) The Thieves Guild. Serve as enforcers, spies and "tax collectors". Also keep family ledgers.

- Aun-Druil (lit Death Family) The Dark Brotherhood. Erik's covert agents who carryout assassinations and other tasks behind the scenes.

- Thor-Druil(lit War Family) The Companions. Erik's personal paramilitary force.

- Dran-Druil(lit Song Family) The Bards College. Serves as historians and researchers.

- Mae-Druil(lit Wise Family) The Mages College. Serve as Advisors, healers and inquisitors in hunting the Thalmor

- Soel-Druil(lit Sun Family) The Dawn Guard. Professional monster hunters who protect the villagers from more unearthly threats.



Attributed to Erik Vyndor

"Men like us don't dream about obtaining greatness. We are."

- Erik to Geralt

"Here you stand lecturing me about honor. What do you know of that word? Honor is in the eye of the beholder. A thief tossing some stolen coins in the cup of a begger. Honor. A murderer standing unflinching before the axe he knows he deserves. Honor. A mad man screaming truth when no one listens. Yes, its honor. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean its not there. Now we stand, two men bound to two different codes of righteousness, calling the other the demon. Well, at least I can acknowledge that you "think" you are doing the right thing. But I know the danger of men convinced they're gods. When I nail your head to your wife's gravestone, all will know you are Geralt. The fool who thought he could beat The Puppet Master. And that will truly be an act of honor..."

- Erik before engaging in single combat with Geralt

Concerning Erik Vyndor

"I'm asked why I follow a man who sows so much devestation across the land. 'When was the last time you cared for the likes of me?' I always reply. They never answer."

- Benor on following Erik

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