Sitting high on a bluff above the steepest part of the Black Road is Fort Order. The keep and castle yard rest at the foot of the Lorgmir Mountains, at the edge of the snowfall zone. The yard is almost always covered with snow, ice, and frost. The windswept keep tower provides an unsurpassed view over the Redwood Forest, the Inner Swamps, and the southern plains: from Blacklight, to Tear, to Lilmoth.

Fort Order is a cold place, but the roaring fire pit in the great hall always serves to bar the chill from the keep itself. The keep and castle grounds play host to a chapel, graveyard, stables, master bedroom, dining chamber, kitchen, basement, smithy, servant's and guard's quarters, mages' studies and workshops, display hall, and of course the warmest part of the keep: the great hall. A hive of activity and an outpost unto itself.

At least, this was the case until the castle's previous occupants, the Msirae Avengers, were lost to the Fythung, the underground criminal organization, that revolted against the Lilmothian Empire. Rumor has it that only the castle steward survived to tell the tale, and the castle was dismantled by the Fythung.