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The Fythung was an empire that existed during the First and Second Eras that ruled over Southeastern Black Marsh. It was created and led by Denai-Ves, who was Tamriel's most powerful Gou'uld. The Fythung was originally founded as a way for Denai-Ves to increase his hold over the Black Marsh. The Fythung fought in the Polcast War, against the Msirae Avengers, where it was defeated, but not destroyed. Denai-Ves was killed during the Battle of Mount Lorgmir. The Fythung was took over by the Msirae Avengers who on behalf of the Remen Empire, try to rule the former empire but there rule was in disarray for several years until they withdraw completely after 3 years of rebellion, after that with rival warlords fighting each other over control of the former empire. One warlord, Atok, managed to defeat the other factions and absorbed them into his empire, in effect recreating the Fythung but instead called the Gou'uld Domain. It prospered once again.


The Fythung, or some form of it, dates back to the First Era, around several years after the Msirae Avengers were created. Denai-Ves, a Gou'uld, was the Ilief of the Fythung, named after the Tsaesci word for Guild.

The Fythung quickly created a name for itself, eventually rising up into the major power. The Fythung created a large power base within Black Marsh, Blackwood, and Caload. Eventually, the Fythung became so powerful that they attempted to assassinate Eric Snowmane and several others members of the Msirae Avengers.

Polcast WarEdit

The assassination attempt failed, and one of the assassins was captured and tortured until he gave the Msirae Avengers a name, the name he gave was Fythung. Eric Snowmane sent his elite troops to root out and combat the merciless warriors. The Polcast War had begun.

Ambush at TalareEdit

The Msirae Avengers through a spy discovered the location of a Fythung skooma smuggling camp and stormed it. The Fythung members were caught completely unawares and after several hours of fighting the Fythung smugglers were killed and their bodies were left for the werecrocodiles to feed on.

The Msirae Avengers searched the camp and found several references to the Forgoth Cave, and decided to raid it.

Assault on Forgoth CaveEdit

The Msirae Avengers followed their leads and assaulted Forgoth Cave, finding a large Fythung base there. The Fythung held the Avengers at the front entrance for more than thirty minutes. Then Eric Snowmane, himself came to the battle and fought his way through the door. The time window though had given the Fythung enough time to set up a palisade. It took an hour, but the Msirae Avengers eventually overcame the brave and ruthless Fythung defense.

The Avengers proceeded into the cave and killed many more Fythung members as they went. Eventually they came to the situation room, and found a Storm Council member there. The Eviscerator and his bodyguards killed many of the Avengers and then escaped. However, the battle was still counted as a victory for the Avengers.

The War ContinuesEdit

After the Assault on Forgoth Cave, the war's fortunes ebbed and flowed. At one point the Avengers seemed on the edge of victory, only to see it snatched from underneath them. After many more battles, the Msirae Avengers set up camp at Klopper Point.

That night an assassin, Lumbar gro-Khog, attempted to kill Eric Snowmane. Snowmane was grievously injured, but managed to throw himself out of his tent and into the river. The assassin killed all of the men in the camp.

Assassinations GaloreEdit

The assassinations continued, and at its height, over 400 Divine Avengers had been assassinated. Octavian Gratus, who was second in command and Eric Snowmane's nephew, was hunted down and cornered by the Storm Council. Death-Blade took his dagger and interrogated Gratus and then finally cut his throat, and mutilated his body. The body was later delivered to Snowmane, who was horrified at what had been done.

However, instead of demoralizing him as it should have, it only encouraged him to destroy the Fythung. Catching word of a Storm Council meeting at Mount Lorgrim, he set out with his army and began attacking the Fort Lorgrim, the only entrance into the valley where the Storm Council was meeting.

Asasult on Fort Lorgrim and the End of the Storm CouncilEdit

After a month long siege, the Avengers finally managed to break through and into the Fortress slaughtering the remaining members of the Fythung, but when they reached the valley, the Storm Council had retreated through a secret cave system higher into the mountain. The Avengers found the entrance to the caves, and slaughtered the remaining Fythung members defending their leaders.


The Storm Council meeting room at Fort Lorgrim.

Denai-Ves fought and killed more than a hundred Avengers, with the other members of the Storm Council getting equally impressive amounts of kills, but they were eventually overwhelmed. Eric Snowmane was killed fighting with Death-Blade. An archer later killed Death-Blade while retreating. The surviving members of the Council turned into warlords and fought over the remnants of the once great Fythung.

Msirae Avengers rule and Civil WarEdit

With the Fythung collapsed, the Msirae Avengers took over leading to a Civil War, Southeastern Black Marsh became an even worse place to live in. The warlords who had been in control of most of the former warriors and slaves of the Fythung created a rebellion against the Msirae Avengers rule by causing riots within settlements and cities to push them out of there lands for three years. After that they withdraw and Southeastern Argonia was a badland. The warlords fought each other constantly.

No side gained an advantage for several hundreds of years. A new warlord was able to take command of one of the clans, and led it to several stunning victories over the other clans. He quickly absorbed all the clans and recreated, reforged the Fythung.


Atok quickly recreated the Gou'uld back to there original glory. In time, the Domain grew back, and refurbished it old holdings.

Beliefs and PracticesEdit

The Fythung is first and foremost a cult devoted the belief that the Gou'uld were the holy people. They also smuggled skooma, moonsugar, and hist sap across the border to other provinces. Their beliefs would be called unmoral to some, which they are, but to them they are a means to an end to gain control and create wealth for themselves.


The forests of Black Marsh contain the Hist Trees.

They worshiped the Hist Trees. They believe that the Hist Sap and other drugs are the Hist Lord's favorites. When one displeases the Hist Lord, you and anyone you are associated with acquires several years of bad luck, until the years are over, or the person responsible for the wrath of the Lord is killed. During the fall of the empire this belief changed radical.


The Fythung was known for its collection of relics. Indeed, Hastrel Jarol was a collector of rare and powerful antiquities, and upon his death left his collection to his successor. Here are the rarest the Fythung possesses.

  • Denai-Ves' Katana: The katana of the great king of the Fythung. It is exquisitely carved, and along the band contains the words,"Lukolan Kiljaedan...Rety Hujolin Polimanaru." (Translation: "For wealth...we give everything.")
  • Branch of the Hist Lord: A branch that is rumored to have fallen off the Hist Lord himself. If this is to be believed than the artifact contains vast amounts of magickal power.
  • Tower Guard: The shield of Hastrel Jarol, the founder. This artifact was created for him by the master smith, Loki A'Plor.
  • Unfeathered Blood: A vase believed to contain the blood of Umaril the Unfeathered, the warrior king of the Ayleids.
  • The White Crown: The crown of an Ayleid King. It grants immortality upon the wearer.


The Fythung smuggles various drugs, skooma, moonsguar, and hist sap, across the border disguised as potions for sell at the Mages' Guild. They then take the drugs to one of their nearby bases in the other provinces, and deliver them to buyers.

The Fythung often blackmails royalty and high-ranking officials of the various kingdoms and empires. Some members of the Fythung are high-ranking officials, and help the Fythung extort money from the royal treasuries. They also create counterfeit money, and commit fraud on a daily basis.

They steal from the wealthy nobles of Tamriel, and sell the items on the black market. They also assassinate people, much like the Dark Brotherhood.


Fort LorgrimEdit

Outer CitadelEdit

The outer citadel consists of the ramparts, watch towers, and the gatehouse. Within the outer citadel are guard barracks, catapult stations, and in front of the wall is a trench with stakes.

Inner CitadelEdit

The inner Citadel consists of ramparts, watch towers, and another gatehouse. It also includes the barracks, cafeteria, and other utility rooms, including the smithy, and the Armory.


The Shadow Council Room.

Mountain PassagesEdit

The mountain passages are hidden behind a waterfall in the Death Valley. They lead through various catacombs which leads to the Shadow Council's chambers and the Council room itself.

Camp TalarenEdit

Camp Talaren consists of several huts and halls, where the skooma smugglers and dealers live and conduct the skooma operations of the Fythung.

Forgoth CaveEdit

Forgoth Cave is a large base of the Fythung. Here the assassins, moonsugar smugglers, and extortionist branches of the Fythung live and work.