Although Ghouls were usually spoken about as mindless, flesh hungry monsters, they were in fact quite intelligent and in some cases a good ally to have around. Ghouls were incredibly strong and could take a lot of physical punishment, unfortunately the trauma of dying and being reanimated destroyed much of the personality they once had. Unlike zombies, Ghouls often times remembered much of their former life and with a lot of effort could, overtime, play an active role in society, but even then they were burdened with the looks of mistrust and disgust.


Ghouls were native to the Underworld in the area they called the Deathlands. Many Ghouls were talented mages, and their leader, Kyne Tarse, was a mage more powerful than any seen in history.


The Ghouls were perhaps the strangest people on Nirn. Not only did they worship a strange god, live in caves deep in the earth, and speak a language unrelated to the other tongues found on Nirn, but they were also physically different from any other known race. They were significantly shorter than a Nord or Altmer, and their skin was markedly pale. Many historians that this was because they had lived in caves for generations. Their hair was without color, and their eyes were quite large and sensitive to light. The extent of their numbers was unknown since their habitations were below ground and no outsider had been able to determine the extent of the caverns and galleries beneath their mountains.