King Vanus Galerion, the last known member and monarch of the House of Galerion.

The House of Galerion was the ruling family of the Empire of the Abecean Sea, from its rise and to its downfall. The House was deposed after the Blighter Invasion of Veloth Direnni. The last known member was Vanus Galerion.


In the early years of its existence, the House of Galerion on the Summerset Isles was a house of warriors and knights, some of which had fought against the Pyandonean Empire during the conflicts between the two empires. It was not until a few hundred years later that they decided to become politicians, and one Galerion thrust herself into the void left by a late heirless monarch to become queen. The House of Galerion ruled from then on and always had the love of the people, at least until the reign of Mannimarco Galerion.

Mannimarco's reign became unpopular when the Blighter of the Shadow Empire invaded Tamriel. Enormous armies of Blighter swept across the kingdoms of Tamriel. Mannimarco, wanting his empire to be spared the horror of the invasions, tried to appease the Blighter. He ceded to them the entire province of Valenwood and parts of High Rock. This peace held for a while. To prepare for a war that he knew would still occur, Mannimarco began constructing fortifications across the Empire. People were dragged from their homes to participate in the constructing of the fortifications.


King Mannimarco Galerion.

It did not take the people of the Empire long to protest and demand to be free to choose whether or not to work on the fortifications. Mannimarco never wanted to build the fortifications in the first place, but sensing the oncoming military confrontation had to. To prepare for the war he introduced conscription, adding thousands of soldiers, although inexperienced, to the already enormous Empire of the Abecean Sea's Army. He also created the Empire of the Abecean Sea's air force, acquiring many Dwemer airships. The moves were unpopular with the Altmer, Maormer, and Sload, as they perceived them as preparing for war. Mannimarco quickly began attempting to suppess the dissenting opinions and expanded the size of the Home Force twofold and spread them across the Empire, in an effort to quell rebellions and insurgencies.

Shortly, thereafter the Blighter invasion began. After many years the war was eventually won by the Empire of the Abecean Sea. But his recent fame and military victories did not protect him. He was assassinated, and his son, Vanus Galerion, rose to power. The new King quickly began to reduce the size of the security and military forces, but he decided to keep the air force for protection or as a means of escape if a dangerous situation arose. Because of that, there were death threats sent to he early on during her reign. The leader of the Psijics, Vivec the God, insisted that he and his numerous servants go through extensive combat training. After a short time, the threats subsided and the Empire of the Abecean Sea returned to peace, at least until the Maormer blockaded and then invaded the Summerset Isles during their war of independence.