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“Konahrik is a Dragon Priest of old. A master of magic. A leader of the cult.”
―An excerpt from a page on Konahrik in the Dragon Priests of Skyrim book.[src]

Konahrik (KONAhRIK in dragon language) was a Dragon Priest who served as one of Alduin's top Priests during the Great Dragon Wars during the Merethic Era. His name meant "warlord" in the dragon language. He was one of the only known Dragon Priests to be a Dragonborn. His reputation was so great for the Dragon Cult that they built an entire city for him to rule.


Early life


Konahrik during his years as a Grand Dragon Priest.

Born as a member of the House of Kronah in Dragonia, Konahrik was born to two Dragon Cultists of the Dovah Empire. Konahrik, like many in his family, grew to study the history of dragons and Dragon Priests. Konahrik later on became a member of the Dragon Cult to follow in the footsteps of his parents. However, Konahrik achieved way more than his parents and became a priest of the dragons, later to become a high-ranking dragon priest just before the Dragon Wars. Konahrik later earned a reputation as a devoted Dragon Priest and a ruthless leader and earned his way to the top of the Dovah Empire, earning a spot as one of Alduin's top lieutenants and dragon priests. Konahrik's position in Alduin's army's ranks earned him a spot on the Dragon Priest Council, as well as it's leader, which would automatically give him the title of Grand Dragon Priest.[1]

At some point, Alduin became so impressed with Konahrik that he had an entire city built for Konahrik to rule.[1]

Defeat and Slumber

Shortly after Alduin's defeat at the hands of the Dragonborns, Konahrik was defeated at the hands of Paarthurnax, whom was trying to destroy the remaining priests of old.[1] However, shortly after Konahrik's defeat, his bodyguard, Khronhik, took his body to the temple of the Dragon Priest Council to bury and prep him for the return of Alduin.


Spectral Dragon Priest

Konahrik as a ghost.

In 4E 201, Konahrik was reawakened by the return of Alduin, but was now a ghost. However, Khronhik performed a ritual to reanimate Konahrik as his normal self and succeeded. Konahrik then informed the Draugr protecting all of the other priests of Alduin's return and to prepare their masters' awakening.

Konahrik then went to go and find Voltonhik, Konahrik's former servant and a lesser Dragon Priest. Konahrik found out that Voltonhik was buried somewhere inside the temple and went to go find him. He soon found Voltonhik reawakening Radoshyl inside the temple's tomb. After the resurrection of Radoshyl, Konahrik went and gathered the remaining lower-ranking priests and formed a security force to protect the other high-ranking dragon priests.


File:Ahzidal attacks.jpg

After the other Dragon Priests were awakened, a meeting was in order for the members of the Dragon Priest Council in the Dragon Priest Council Hall to discuss Alduin's return and protection.[2] However, Radoshyl's sister, Radoshytla, attacked the council and put the entire room on fire. During the ensuing chaos, Konahrik was forced to fight against Radoshytla and her helpers. However, Konahrik and the council members managed to escape and later learned that it was the Dragonborn Tradosha who impersonated Radoshytla.[2]

After the council chambers was burned, half of the temple was set on fire before it was put out by Krosis. Konahrik then ordered the others to return to their crypts and hide there until it was safe. Konahrik then escaped to his coffin and hid there until Alduin's "right-hand" dragon came and ordered Konahrik to go to Alduin and protect him.[2]

The final battle between the Dragonborn and Alduin

“I, Konahrik, will avenge my master Alduin and will defeat you! All that you cherish will be destroyed! Hahahahaha!”
―Konahrik to the Dragonborn Tradosha.[src]

Konahrik then used an ancient form of magic to transport himself to Skuldafn, Alduin's headquarters. After reaching the Sovngard portal, Konahrik found Alduin and Nahkriin there. Alduin then ordered Nahkriin to close the portal to the "graveyard realm" after he and Konahrik went inside the portal.[2] After the Dragonborn had shown up, Konahrik was supposed to protect Alduin but was immediately attacked by the Dragonborn's followers.[2] However, Konahrik pulled out a dagger and stabbed one of the followers in the hip and slit the other's arm. Konahrik then used magic to vanish and went on top of a nearby mountain to use magic to create a ward around Alduin, protecting his dragon overlord.[2] However, because he was creating an immensely strong ward to protect Alduin, Konahrik was unable to protect himself from any attacks, but Alduin ordered several former cultists (whom were sent to Savngard after they died during the Merethic Era) to protect Konahrik.[2] Eventually, the Dragonborn defeated the cultists and one of her follower's stabbed Konahrik in the back with a sword, causing him to lose his grip on the ward and fell off of the small mountain and landed on the ground below.[2]

Konahrik managed to get up and watched as his master was defeated. Konahrik cried out Alduin's name, with his overlord responding with: "Konahrik! Avenge me! You must defeat the Dovahkiin!" Konahrik then cried out that he would avenge Alduin and watched as his dragon overlord vanished.[2] Konahrik then looked back as he saw the Dragonborn coming up to him to kill him, though he used the Unrelenting Force shout to push her back. As Konahrik was vanishing, he swore that he would avenge Alduin and destroy any who she cared about, then he shot one her followers with the Ice Spike spell, laughing as he vanished.[2]

Going into hiding

After the final defeat of Alduin, Konahrik went to look for any surviving dragon priests inside their tombs.

When he arrived at Labyrinthian all the Draugr, Skeletons, and Dragons were killed and the Trolls were turning on Konahrik. Though they proved to be a problem, Konahrik destroyed the trolls. Konahrik made his way to the shrine and found that his first mask had been stolen. Konahrik then stormed out of the temple to go and find the Dragonborn. Though he was able to find the Dragonborn, she proved to be a great challenge to defeat. Konahrik was nearly defeated and retreated from the home of the Dragonborn. Konahrik then went into hiding to gather others to his cause - to destroy the Dragonborn.

Alliance with Miraak

Miraak and seekers

Konahrik went to the "first Dragonborn" and a former Dragon Priest, Miraak, in search for an alliance to destroy the Last Dovakhiin. Konahrik had somehow spoken with Miraak through Hermaeus Mora and got him to come to his temple near Labryinthian in Skyrim.

Miraak came to Konahrik's temple and had began a meeting between the two Dragonborn priests. Konahrik, also a Dragonborn, came to realize how arrogant Miraak was and realized he could use it to his advantage. Konahrik manipulated Miraak into thinking that if he helped him destroy Tradosha, then Konahrik would convince Hermaeus Mora to release Miraak from his realm of Oblivion, but this was never going to happen.

The Return of the Dragon Cult

Nearly three years after the events of the Dragonborn and Alduin, Konahrik started a new Dragon Cult with new Dragon Priests. Konahrik had gained the title of Grand Dragon Priest again by this time and his son was already resurrected.

Destruction of Konahrivald

Shortly after the takeover of Labyrinthian, Konahrik made the ruins the Dragon Cult's and the Dovah Empire's new capital, while Konahrivald was made as a back-up capital. However, Konahrivald had been damaged severely during the Dragon Wars, prompting him to rebuild it.[1] Konahrik used Nordic and Elven slaves to build his city. Though, his enslavement of the Nords and Elves would not go unnoticed, as General Tulius and Elenwen soon enlisted in the help of the Dragonborn.[1]

Eventually, the Dragonborn Tradosha attacked Konahrivald along with the Imperial Legion and the Thalmor, forcing Konahrik to retreat to his inner-sanctum.[1] During the ensuing battle, Konahrik waited in his inner-sanctum as the Dragonborn made her way to him. After Konahrik realized that the battle to protect Konahrivald was lost and that he would need to escape, he vanished as the Dragonborn entered into the sanctum, leaving behind a room full of Draugr.[1]

Council Meeting

Battle with the Final Dovahkiin

Main article: Battle between Konahrik and the Dragonborn
“You cannot defeat me! I am the one that remained faithful to the World Eater! I was and am Alduin's best lieutenant! And you think you can defeat me? Hah!”
―Konahrik moments before his "defeat".[src]

As he anticipated, the Dragonborn Tradosha arrived at his temple and made it past the Draugr and inside Konahrik's chambers. As the Dragonborn made it inside the chambers and looked for the Grand Dragon Priest, Konahrik cackled aloud and stated that he anticipated that the "Last Dovahkiin would infiltrate [his] defenses and try to destroy [him]," and said that her powers were no match for his.[1] Konahrik then signaled for Kronah to pull a lever, which would reveal a skylight above them, resulting in several dragons bursting through it.[1]

Konahrik then ordered his son to go to the "hiding place that [they] discussed," and Kronah followed his orders. Konahrik then watched on as the Dragonborn tried to defeat two Elder Dragons, and cackled as he stated that she would never get out of the fight alive.[1] Tradosha then used the Unrelenting Force shout to cause two pillars to fall on the dragons' heads, killing them instantly. Konahrik then became angry and stated that the she would pay for what she had done, retreating outside afterwards.[1]

Once outside, Konahrik summoned a number of other dragons, including several Serpentine, Elder, Blood, and Legendary Dragons, as the Dragonborn found the priest. Konahrik then transported himself to a throne high up on the temple, watching as the Dragonborn defeated each dragon one by one.[1] Konahrik then saw that the Dragonborn summoned the "treacherous Odahviig", whom brought Paarthurnax with him, angering Konahrik even more. Konahrik then shouted Dragonrend and Bend Will on Odahviig, causing him to land near Konahrik and unwillingly let Konahrik use him to fly.[1] As Tradosha watched in shock as Konahrik rode on Odahviig, he stated that she and Miraak were not the only ones able to bend the will of a dragon, and she and the ancient Dragonborns were not the only ones who knew how to use Dragonrend.[1] Konahrik then ordered Odahviig to shoot down Paarthurnax, of which he grudgingly did.

Tradosha then used the Bend Will shout on Odahviig, which allowed her to be able to influence the dragon to force Konahrik off of his back. Konahrik then fell off of Odahviig and crashed onto the ground below, temporarily wounding him.[1] As Tradosha came near him, she used Bend Will on him, though, he resisted and used the Storm shout, creating deadly rain and thunder storms around the area.[1] Konahrik then created an invisible barrier around the two of them, keeping Odahviig from helping the Dragonborn. Konahrik then took his sword and continued to duel the Dragonborn with it, each time delivering a heavy blow to the Dragonborn. However, Konahrik eventually realized that the sword would not be enough to destroy his enemy and took out his staff to cast spells on the Argonian.[1]

Konahrik then stated that he was the one that would remain faithful to Alduin and that he was the overlord's best lieutenant, and that he would not be defeated by Tradosha. However, as the duel progressed, the barrier around them weakened, eventually disappearing, allowing Odahviig to assist the Dragonborn.[1] Though the barrier was down and Konahrik was outnumbered, he was still able to hold them off, until the combatants heard a large roar coming from the area where Paarthurnax was shot down. Paarthurnax then appeared, with Konahrik stating that it was impossible, and Paarthurnax swooped towards Konahrik, picking him up, and throwing him into a nearby pillar.[1] Paarthurnax, Odahviig, and Tradosha then used their shouts against Konahrik, weakening him greatly. Odahviig then flew towards Konahrik, picked him up with his mouth, shook him a number of times, and then threw him into a nearby Word Wall, making Konahrik too weak to fight anymore.[1]

Before Tradosha was about to slay Konahrik, the dragon priest told her that Alduin the World Eater would soon come back and devour all but those most loyal to him. The Dovahkiin then said that it would be impossible, but Konahrik revealed that it wasn't and that he found a way to bring Alduin back; the dragon priest then noticed that two of the remaining cultists were sneaking up on Tradosha, forcing Konahrik to laugh wickedly out loud.[1] Once Tradosha turned around and dueled the cultists, Konahrik laughed as Alduin appeared and the priest told the Dragonborn that she was doomed. As Tradosha looked back at Konahrik, she saw that Alduin was there and stated that it was impossible as Konahrik escaped with Alduin.[1]

Personality and traits

Originally a Nordic chieftain, Konahrik became a powerful Dragonborn Dragon Priest.

Powers and abilities

Miraak aspect

Konahrik performing Dragon Aspect.

“I know powers and Shouts that no one else could possibly comprehend.”
―Konahrik on his own abilities.[src]

Originally a Nord with powerful magical abilities, Konahrik became a Dragon Priest who specialized in all kinds of magic, specifically in the area of Dragon shouts. Konahrik could use the Yol, Fem, and many other dragon shouts when he became a priest of the Dragon Cult. Though it wouldn't be until later when he became Alduin's third-in-command — Odahviig being the second — that he would find out that he was a Dragonborn.

Konahrik could be considered one of the most powerful and dangerous Dragon Priests of all time, being able to perform spells, shouts, and other magic that was either thought to have been able to be performed by a selected few — such as Dragonrend and Bend Will — or was never seen before — such as the Transportation Spell.



Main article: House of Kronah


Main article: Alduin

Alduin, Konahrik's dragon overlord/master.

Alduin was the first dragon and the race's leader prior to and during the Dragon Crisis, as well as Konahrik's master/overlord. Konahrik would worship the World Eater as a god, as most of the dragon worshippers would, going as far as protecting Alduin, even if it would have costed him his life.[2]


Main article: Paarthurnax


Main article: Odahviing


Main article: Tradosha
Tradosha-Dark Brotherhood 1

Tradosha, Konahrik's main enemy.

Tradosha was a female Argonian Dragonborn who lived before, during, and after the Dragon Crisis and was Konahrik's main/worst enemy or adversary.


Main article: Miraak


First mask

Main article: Konahrik (Mask)
File:Konahrik mask.jpg

This mask was Konahrik's very first Dragon Priest Mask and was named after him, like most of the priests of the cult's masks. This mask would summon a spectral dragon priest if he put it on. Shortly after Alduin's first defeat, Konahrik and the other priests put their masks on a shrine inside the central barrow of Labrynthian. But, the others decided to take their masks back and this mask was hidden inside the mouth of the dragon on the shrine.

Second mask

Main article: Konahrik (Second Mask)
File:Ahzidal mask.jpg

After the destruction of the sanctuary, Konahrik was unable to retrieve his mask back and created a new mask. This mask was similar to the ones that were given to the priests on Solstheim. Konahrik's second mask had a octopus-like theme and was orange-golden colored.

Grand Priest Mask

Main article: Grand Priest Mask
Miraak mask

Konahrik's Grand Priest Mask.

Konahrik owned a rare and unique Grand Priest Mask, which was only given to the highest-ranking and most powerful Dragon Priest of them all - the Grand Dragon Priest.


Konahrik's armor was similar to the other Dragon Priests' armor. His armor had a type of cape sowed into the shoulder part of his armor and he had a tunic just the same way.

Behind the scenes

This character is not to be confused with the Dragon Priest Mask Konahrik in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game.

It can be said Konahrik is the most powerful, deadly, and dangerous antagonist in Elder Scrolls V game, with him never being able to actually be defeated and knowing spells and certain magic that was never seen before. He can also be said to be one of the most powerful Dragonborns and antagonists because he learned shouts that no one ever thought found and used by except for the final Dragonborn, Miraak, and the ancient Dragonborns. He can also be said to be one of the most powerful and dangerous antagonists because he was able to bring Alduin back to Skyrim, even after the Dragonborn destroyed him at Sovngard, not to mention he was able to have withstood the numerous of blows that he received from Odahviig, the Dragonborn, and Paarthurnax and survived.


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