Ice cold springs rise in the mountains and unite to a creek that feeds Lake Tsestrof, north of Spartia in Cronos, and the lake coninues its way to the southeast of Spartia. In the eastern part, the landscape was rocky and sparse, while the tree density increased when going westwards, repeatedly interrupted by large groups of rocks. Unrestrained by its stony surroundings, the lake continued until the water rushed downward into the steep, sharp gorge it milled out over the eons. Roaring waterfalls formed some impressive scenery on the edges of the lake in the otherwise sparse landscape.

At some places, traces of the Atromer were highly visible. Chopped trees led to a charburner's camp and bridges offered a safe way to pass over the shorter expanses of the lake. Some resourceful craftsmen learned to utilize the power of the lake's water. In a water driven hammer mill, supplied with ore from the nearby mine, tools were manufactured, and a grinding mill, powered by the water, produced granite plates.

Lake Tsestrof was a deep and cold mountain sea, whose shore line was mostly formed by overhanging rocks. Its depth took most of the power of the rushing eastern water masses. From the lake, the water found its way to the lower regions of Cronos in a calm, but not as impressive way as in the eastern part.