Lumbar gro-Khog was a male Orc and an Deathpainter of the illegal, underground criminal society, the Fythung.


Early LifeEdit

Lumbar was born to a wealthy Orcish family that resided in the city of Sentinel in Hammerfell. His family was one of the wealthiest in all of Sentinel. Lumbar as a teenager was a member of the Dark Brotherhood, and served in the Sentinel Sanctuary. But his membership of the Dark Brotherhood did not last. For he broke the Five Tenets several times, and was finally let go. As a wealthy Orc, he developed a passion for making more wealth, by extortion and fraud. After several years, the Fythung, who had been watching, was impressed and sent an invitation to Lumbar to join them.


After acquiring entrance to the Fythung he quickly proved himself particularly ambitious and resourceful, completing all of his missions within days of them being assigned. He rapidly became known as a legend in the scattered, but various bases of the Fythung. He was chosen to be a Deathpainter, by Death-Blade, an Argonian member of the Storm Council. At about this time the assassination attempt on Emperor Hold-Heart II had failed and the Lilmothian Empire had declared war on the Fythung.


After ascending to Deathpainter, Lumbar gro-Khog, the Msirae Avengers began to root out the members of the Fythung. Burning Camp Talare to the ground, and storming Forgoth Cave. Finally, the Storm Council decided that something had to be done. After several days of deliberation the Storm Council agreed to send Lumbar to assassinate the Avengers leader, Eric Snowmane. That night Lumbar attempted to kill Eric Snowmane. Snowmane was grievously injured, but managed to throw himself out of his tent and into the river. Thinking Snowmane was dead, Lumbar proceeded on to kill the rest of the Avengers at the camp. Later, word reached the Storm Council of Snowmane's survival. Lumbar was cornered and was, murdered by an enraged Death-Blade.