The Mehrunes' Wake Islands reside between Tamriel and the far east continent of Akavir in the Pandomeic Ocean. Due to the race known as the Tsaesci invading Tamriel at several times in the past, the Empire decided to set up a monitoring outpost on these islands as an early warning system, in case the residents of Akavir decide to invade Tamriel again. Over roughly one hundred years of its existence, the outpost had grown into a moderately sized city. Small towns, as well as, several other settlements have sprung up all over the largest island, known as Mehrunes' Wake, in the Mehrunes' Wake Islands.

Facing persecution amongst the peoples of Tamriel, a cult worshiping the memory of the dead god, Lorkhan, has also migrated to the shores of the outpost, claiming that the long dead volcano, on Mehrunes' Wake, is the final resting place for Lorkhan's divine body. The current monarchy of Mehrunes' Wake's official position on this new cult is one of tolerance as long as the Lorkhan worshippers do not cause trouble. Several settlements around the volcano house shrines devoted to Lorkhan, and the cultists are currently building a monastery like temple.

The Mehrunes' Wake's Islands consist of one huge island, six large islands, and five smaller islands. Many more tiny, scattered islands are amongst the others. Two volcanoes are located in the Islands. One is large and dormant, the other is small and active.