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Mount Orcanthus was a volcano located in the sea between the province of Cyrodiil and the Summerset Isles. It blew every two weeks and every explosion released 1500 megatons of lava into the Abeccean Sea. Mount Orcanthus is also responsible for extremely heating the atmosphere, which caused the end of snow in Bruma for 50 years. At the beginning of the Fourth Age the volcano was still active.


The location of Mount Orcanthus remains one of the hardest achievements of both men and mer. The barren landscpae of the island and the lava coming down every time make the exploration much harder. However the volcano has also a lot of history. When Nirn was of days an mass earthquake. The scientists of Nirn presumed that the earthquake was of 10.8 Richter meters thing which caused the Summerset Isles to split of the mainland. From the earthquake a huge crevasse leading to the planet's core formed. However as weeks passed the nature couldn't leave the landscape scarred. So after a huge explosion which dried out most of water Mount Orcanthus was formed. And even if it was of days the volcano was so powerful that can easily called supervolcano. From this place the planet's interior threw out the things it couldn't hold any more. So after of millenias of explosions the scientists of Nirn say that the mmegatons of lava that the volcano threw were nearly 5.500.200 which means enough tons to form the great terrain of Tamriel. That's true indeed because if there weren't all these volcanoes, Tamriel would be nothing more but tiny islands scattered in the vast seas.