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"The power I hold is superior to yours Threads-Many-Seas. My soul is a small price to pay for the blessing of a Daedra. Join me and feel the power of a god rush through your blood my brother!"
―Nil-Oram upon meeting Threads-Many-Seas in the temple at Molagsthrone.
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4E 174


  • Destruction
  • Conjuration
  • Heavy Armour


The Serpent


Servant of Molag Bal

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"Soul Sweeper"


Molag Bal


  • Fourth Era
  • Fifth Era

Nil-Oram is an Argonian servant of Molag Bal and head of the Temple of Molag Bal in Molagsthrone near Bruma in Cyrodil. He sold his soul to the Daedric prince during the Civil War in Skyrim after siding and losing with the Imperials in return for immortality and the opportunity to become his Soul Sweeper.



Nil-Oram was born to a fairly normal family in the city of Stormhold in Black Marsh. From a young age he began to hear voices telling him to go to Skyrim to meet his destiny. This voice of course belonged to Molag Bal and as such Nil was convinced easily to leave and so fled from Black Marsh, through Cyrodil and into Skyrim.

Molag Bal watched over him, leading Nil to the city of Markarth and eventually to his shrine at the abandoned house. Here the Daedric Prince of Domination and Enslavement of Mortals revealed himself to his future soul sweeper and offered him refuge in the house until the time would come for him to show his real power.

Civil War

In 4E 201 after many years of waiting, Molag Bal called upon Nil to join the Imperial Legion. He did so, killing several Thalmor along the way and freeing a Stormcloak prisoner but joining the legion never the less. He lead several campaigns against the rebels but they lost against the natives of Skyrim and Nil fled to Bruma. Molag Bal beckoned him again saying that he had served him well so far and ordered Nil to go to the town of Molagsthrone, a place for his followers and that here he would be rewarded for his work in casting so many souls into Coldharbour.


Upon his arrival in Molagsthrone, Nil-Oram was met by an aspect of Molag Bal where he told him to go to his temple on the hill of the town. He entered the temple and was met by the temple leader and Molag's aspect yet again only this time Molag Bal ordered Nil to kill the temple leader to get his prize. The temple leader was shocked and horrified and immediately turned on Nil and began to use destruction magic against him. It however was not enough and Nil soon slaughtered the priestess.

Molag Bal was pleased as her soul arrived in Coldharbour and as promised, gave the gift of immortality and the gift of the Soul Sweeper to him. However Nil discovered his soul had been drained from his body by Molag Bal during the process. As the new head of the temple he contacted Molag Bal and asked him why he had betrayed him. Molag explained that the gift of immortality required the soul of the person to be removed or for them to become a vampire. Nil thought it over and eventually accepted his new life as Molag Bal's champion and servant, even it all meant he had no soul.


In 4E 208, Threads-Many-Seas visited Molagsthrone in search of information on the high dragon priest Kroniid after hearing from the dragon Alunausbah that a scholar of dragon priests had joined the worshippers of Molag Bal to research him only to go demented from being in the town's presence. Threads-Many-Seas could not extract information from the residents at all thanks to the effects of being a resident of the town. Nil however, as the Soul Sweeper of Molag Bal was immune to the effects the town had on most people like with Threads-Many-Seas as a Dragonborn.

The scholar, whose name was Luva Aravantio turned out to have been killed several years ago by a Vigilante of Stendarr raid in 4E 205 but his writing still existed in the temple library. Nil guided Threads-Many-Seas through the library towards the book before taking it out and giving it to the Dragonborn. Threads-Man-Seas examined it. It contained sketches and information on every dragonpriest from Otar the Mad to Kroniid and even some more but this had been scribbled out by the author during a demented rage as explained by Nil.

Threads-Many-Seas discovered the location of Kroniid: Northwind Hall, according to Aravantio it was a long forgotten tomb closer to Atmora then it was to Tamriel. Threads-Many-Seas decided to leave the hall, thanking Nil for his help. Nil however wanted Threads-Many-Seas to become one of them, a follower of Molag Bal. He confronted the Dragonborn, asking him about joining the order. Threads-Many-Seas of course declined. This angered Nil slightly but he let the Dragonborn leave, hoping they would meet again.

Siege of Molagsthrone

In 4E 209 during The Morning War, a small army of Thalmor managed to sneak right through Imperial lines at attack Molagsthrone. The towns heightened walls kept the enemy at bay as well as the priests and priestesses. They were after Nil himself who had been convicted of worshiping Talos back in Skyrim and being responsible for countless Thalmor deaths. Nil sent a courier to Threads-Many-Seas for help. The courier slipped out and found Threads-Many-Seas in Cyrodil, preparing for the journey to Kroniid's tomb.

Threads-Many-Seas informed Emperor Titus Mede II of the siege at Molagsthrone and convinced him to send a hundred soldiers to liberate the town despite not being recorded as an official town by the empire and Threads-Many-Seas being a member of the Argonian Empire. He lead the battle against the Thalmor from the hills as archers cut down the soldiers one by one. This was followed by a final charge just as the elves broke the town gates open, slaughtering the Thalmor and leaving no survivors.

Nil met Threads-Many-Seas at the gates, thanking him yet again for his work. He offered his services as a follower of the dragonborn of which he accepted.


Nilin, like his master, is a completely ruthless individual, corrupted from years of worship of Molag Bal yet he has never gone mad. He does have another side however, being friends with Threads-Many-Seas despite his disgust for Molag Bal and caring for the crazed residents of Molagsthrone much to the resentment of Molag. He is just as blood thirsty on the battlefield, using destruction magic and weapons to cut down his enemies.


Blessing of Molag Bal

Among Nil-Oram's many abilities, are the gifts recieved from Molag Bal. The greatest is the blessing of Molag Bal. This ability allows Nil to deal 10% more damage to females. It also has a 50% chance to call a Daedra when Nil is on low health. Every person he kills is also sent to a soul gem hence his title "Soul Sweeper".

The Serpent Stone

The Serpent Stone grants Nil the ability to use a ranged Paralysis poison on opponents once every day. The poison paralyzes the target for 5 seconds and does 25 points of damage. As with many paralysis enchantments and spells, this ability is especially useful when enemy's become hostile towards the Dragonborn after dialogue.

Soul Sweeper's Rage

This ability can be used once a day. It effectively creates an adrenaline rush for Nil, increasing speed by 4 and doubling the damage done by weapons including bound ones. Lasts for 20 seconds.


  • Oram can mean extremity, margin, edge, side, the border of anything. It can also mean favour, which suits Molag Bal favouring him.
  • Unlike most Argonians which have distinct structures (e.g Scouts-Many-Marshes, Jaree-Ra) Nil was a very strange name.
  • Nil is Irish for no. Therefore his name means "No Favour" in Irish.


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