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Fifteen years into the Sixth Era a trio of Blighter ships sailing from Steadhelm to Ebbiden were caught in a storm, one of the ships sank, but most of the crew survived and they continued on their way. After a few days of cloudy weather, another storm hit and one of the ships was beached on an unknown island. The last ship returned to Steadhelm with as many crewmembers from the other two ships as it could hold. As they sailed away from their shipwrecked comrades, a crewmember muttered Oira Mire, which translates to Eternal Jewel. They made it back to Steadhelm and told the Volcano Bureaucracy of their find. They sent out five ships full of navigators, cartographers, and soldiers to rescue the ship full of people and to explore these new islands. When they reached the main island they found the wrecked ship, but wild creatures had eaten the crew. A city was built around the ship and was named Ald Atraden, for the lost captain of the wrecked ship.


The Oira Mire Islands was a chain of islands where only the brave survived. Pirates roamed free. A boat in Steadhelm ferried travelers to the capital city of the Oira Mire islands, Ald Atredan, and from there was another boat that took travelers to Dragon Skull Island.