Orogs are a half breed between Orcs and Ogres. They are much larger, stupider, and stronger than their cousins, the Orcs, by far. However, they are not as quite as big, strong, and stupid as their other cousins, the Ogres. Torn in between these two races, they have no permanent homes, are rarely seen, and are rejected by both the Orcs and Ogres. As a result they are not very popular and are generally very much hated by the other races. On the other hand, Orogs do not really need friends, as they can break a tree in half with their bare hands.

Many reports tell of civilians randomly attacking innocent Orogs for seemingly no reason at all. Many guards, taking advantage of their being hated by the other races, arrest them for reasons that are not their doing, but they are never believed. Many Orogs have to deal with this extreme racism towards them, and many do not have an easy life. Their skin is very dry, ruff, and is very cracked. Their skin is a type of greenish-yellowish color, and their eyes are the color of fire, much like the Dunmer.