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The head of the Ayleid Potentate of Vilverin and the leader of the Army, the Potente possessed great power in his hands. His choice was a godly order and everyone served him. Being preceded by the Aran of Vilverin until the end of the end of the First Era when the kings decided to make their title more bigger do they abolished the title of Aran. The title that replaced Aran was Potente a word coming from the Nedic language. Its meaning was Emperor although the historians say that the title means more Chosen One rather Emperor. However the Ayleids used the title until the nation fall. After its downfall the title was lost.

List of Potentes

Aurinelian Dynasty

Note: The title Potente had not been claimed before the Battle of Alessianum. The rulers of Vilverin claimed the title Aran.

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