Redwood Empire
Political information
Type of government


Founding document

5E 653


Articles of Confederation

Head of State

High Shaman

Head of Government

High Shaman


High Warchief

Executive branch

High Shaman

Legislative branch

Tribal Council

Judicial branch


Societal information

Plundered Mine

Official language



silver bars

State religious body

Ancestor Worship

Historical information
Date of establishment
  • 5E 954
Date of dissolution
  • 6E 231
  • Fifth
  • Sixth

The Redwood Empire was founded by the Goblin Warchief Tytugg and his advisor, the Goblin Shaman Sogbutt, as a beast race organization in direct opposition to the Empire of Kvatch and its Kvatch Protectors. Built upon a race of hardened, dangerous, savage, and combat ready creatures, the Goblins, the fledgling new Tamrielic power succeeded in conquering the Empire of Kvatch during the Goblin Ascendancy War. After the genocide of the Imperials and their defeat at the hands of the Tsaesci, the Empire splintered into various factions before finally being assimilated into the Melchoran Empire of the Minotaurs.


800px-OBCreature-Three Feather Goblin War Chief

High Warchief Tytugg.

Towards the end of the Beast Wars, the Goblin Commander Tytugg visited the powerful Goblin kingdom of the Bitterfish Tribe in the large, and ancient Ayleid ruin, Miscarcand. There, he was persuaded by the Bitterfish Shaman, Sogbutt, to become their leader. While exploring the ancient Ayleid ruin, Tytugg discovered evidence that the ancient race known as the Ayleids still existed, and though on a different planet, continued to pose a threat to Nirn.

Not long after, Tytugg forced a final battle with the Imperials at the Imperial City. During the conflict, he assaulted the walls with thousands of Goblin Berserkers and eventually captured the city. After ending the Beast Wars with a genocidal bloodbath, Tytugg and Sogbutt led the Bitterfish Tribe back to Miscarcand.

From Miscarcand, Tytugg conquered the other Goblin tribes, and founded the Redwood Empire. Adapting the military techniques of the Orcs, Tytugg trained his new army into a powerful fighting force. Tytugg became High Warchief Tytugg. Three years after the Goblin Unification War, Tytugg launched an enormous invasion of the Kingdom of Deepscorn, the last Imperial refuge on Nirn. The Goblin Wars of Conquest had begun.

Goblin Wars of ConquestEdit