Nibenay Republic
Republic of Nibenay
Political information
Type of government

Regional Government

Founding document

Treaty of Cheydinhal

Head of State


Head of Government



Supreme Commander

Executive branch

Office of Llexam

Legislative branch

Nibenean Senate

Judicial branch

Nibenean Representatives

Societal information

Imperial City, Cyrodiil

Official language



Welkynd Stones

State religious body

Nine Divines

National holiday

Freedom Feasts

Historical information
Date of establishment

7E 3

Date of dissolution

8E 75

  • Seventh
  • Eigth

The Republic of Nibenay, also called the Nibenean Republic, or simply RON, was a regional government based in Nibenay and western Black Marsh. The Nibenean Republic was formed after the Nibeneans rebelled against the Colovian Confederacy. During the first year of the Republic's existence, it was heavily associated with the Empire of Elsweyr. However, the Nibeneans remembering their race's problems with other races, cried of independence and therefore broke away contact with all foreign powers.

The Nibenean Republic was able to maintain its independence through the economic support of the Nibenay Valley, and Blackwood. Welkynd Stones were mined and used as currency in most parts of the RON. This economic liberty allowed the Republic to manage its own affairs. Though it was never considered equal with the Empire of the Abecean Sea or the Emire of Elsweyr, the Republic of Nibenay was generally recognized as a contributing member of Tamrielic powers, despite the RON's period of isolation.

The Republic of Nibenay maintained a well organized military. These soldiers, or Topal Berserkers, were known for their physical endurance and strict discipline. Though they were technologically inferior to their larger counterparts, the Topal Berserkers made up for it with unparalleled zeal and commitment. It was this military that kept the other foreign powers out of the Republic for so long.

Though the Nibenean government did away with many of the native Argonian and Khajiit traditions in southern Nibenay, some customs remained. RON society was made up of eight regions. Likewise, the teachings of the Prophet of Marukh were still strictly followed. Some of his teachings stated that, in order to be happy, a being most only have one role in life. Therefore, each regions was assigned a basic role in the cultural network.

However, in the end, it was the isolationist philosophy of the Nibeneans that would destroy them. The Republic of Nibenay had cut off all contact with the rest of Tamriel. This prevented them from being ready for the attack of the Shadow Empire of the Blighter. The wrath of the Nibeneans was considerable and the Republic was not able to stand against their empire.