Tabaxi are mischievous and deceitful, fun loving cat people, perhaps related to the Khajiit, though this is not known.

The origin of the strange race known as Tabaxi is unknown. Perhaps they are the result of magic gone wrong, perhaps the madness of the gods, or perhaps simple wicked fate. Regardless, these cat people are known for stealth and mischief. They are quick and agile, yet strong, if not overly clever. They have a fascination with magicka and magickal things, especially the magicks that transmute or decieve. Tabaxi have a strong dislike of Khajiit, but are generally fond of Bretons and Bosmer.

They are very resistent to the effects of magicka, and like the Khajiit of Elsweyr can see in pitch black darkness. They are native to the island Esnietro.