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Talon Skier in Balmora during Exilation

Talon Skier (3E 370-4E 11) Was a Nordic Warrior in the late 3rd Era and early 4th Era.

Early Life

Talon Skier was born in 3E 370 under the birthsign of the warrior at Markath Side, Skyrim. He was born to Atasha Skier, his mother and Magton Skier, his father.His father, before retirement was a member of the Markath Side Guard and wanted his son to be a great Nordic Warrior like himself. At the age of 5, Talon was gifted his first sword, a wooden shortsword by his father. He used the shortsword on the many training dummies his father had put up in their garden. Talon practiced everyday and specialized in melee combat. At the age of 10, Talon was put in the Fighters Guild of Markath Side as a juniour and advanced through the junior ranks quickly at the age of 12 he was the Grand Juniour Champion of the Fighters Guild. At this his first set of true Nordic armour was awarded to him by the Senior head of the Guild, Konvill Rontus, a Traditional Nordic Helm, cuirass, grieves, gloves and boots. In 3E 385 at the age of 15 Talon was a very talented young warrior and to advance those skills his father Magton ordered the family move to the Capital of Skyrim, Winterhold there Talon needed to meet Nordic Warrior, Kandel Selestus who is famous for being an outstanding warrior in Skyrim and the overall Grand Master of all the branches of the Fighters Guild in Skyrim. The Skier family moved to Winterhold within 5 months and bought a 3 floor house near the south of the capital. 1 Week after the move happened Magton took Talon to meet Kandel Selestus at the Winterhold Fighters Guild, upon entrance Talon came face to face with some of Skyrim's most talented warriors, Talon and his father made their way to Kandel Selestus,Magton asked for his son, Talon to be accepted as the apprentice of Kandel Selestus,Selestus told Magton if his son, Talon impressed him with his skill he would be happy to accept. At that moment Selestus saw a flurry of outstanding moves of quality he had never seen before and stared in awe at that point he knew Talon was a special Nordic Warrior, Selestus accepted Talon as an apprentice.

Winterhold Fighters Guild

A few days later, Talon's paperwork was complete and had full acception as the apprentice of Kandel Selestus. He trained under Selestus as a Nordic Warrior, a class of Nord who had a special type of aggresion towards combat, they were thought of as the real sons of Skyrim, born under the birthsign of the warrior as Talon was boosted his skill anyway. Two years later in 3E 387 at the age of 17,Talon was accepted as a full Nordic Warrior and had completed his apprenticeship under Kandel Selestus. He was now the 2nd in command of the overall branches of Fighters Guilds in Skyrim. After completing his apprenticeship he was given a Nordic Longsword which was the signature weapon of a Nordic Warrior.

The Skyrim Watch

When Talon returend to his father and mother after apprenticeship they congratulated him and his father, Magton thought he was ready to be in the Skyrim Watch,A watch that was dedicated to the nation of Skyrim and its populace. His father told him he was to be in the Skyrim Watch, Talon was now a fully cabable Nordic War

rior and accepted his fathers offer. After a few days the papers were signed and Talon went to the Winterhold Northern Watch Tower where he would be stationed at first. There he met Captain Vellon who was incharge of the Northen Watch Tower,Talon advanced through the ranks quickly. In 3E 388 at the age of 18, Talon fought his first proper battle against a large group of 500 bandits trying to attack and rob the city he fought the battle and the Watch won, at this Captain Vollen was injured and retired and Talon became Captain Skier of the Winterhold Northern Watch.He was in his Captain position for 10 years. In 3E 398 on his final days as Captain of the Winterhold Northen Watch he recieved a letter from Vollen,The captain he took over from 10 years before. The Letter explained that Sergeant Trauntus stole a large amount of money from Vollen then framed a former gaurd now imprisoned for it, Vollen said that he wants Talon to return it.So Talon set off to retrieve the gold upon entrance he found the gold and picked it up,but Trauntus entered and attacked Talon, Talon retaliated and killed Trauntus but the gaurds didn't know Trauntus was a thief and Talon was arrested and stripped of his position in the Skyrim Watch for Murder. The Jailor in the Imperial City is informed of every crime in the Empire and was informed of Talon's. Instead of imprisoning Talon at the Winterhold Prison, He had Talon imprisoned in the Imperial City in Cyrodill. A Week later the Horse and Carriage arrived to take a shocked Talon Skier to the Imperial City Prison, the journey was very long. But he arrived in the Imperial City Prison and was thrown in a cell yet to hear his sentence. A week later he was told the crime was being investigated and that Talon was to remain in prison until further notice. Two years Later in 3E 400,still in jail a Nordic Messenger gave Talon a message that informed him that his Mother and Father had died of old age with Talon's Mother at the age of 70 and Talon's Father at the age of 72. Talon was griefing for a long time in prison.

Temporarily Released

12 years later in 3E 410 at the age of 40, Talon Skier was temporarily released on parole, but was not aloud to return to Skyrim until further notice. So Talon 3 months after release travelled to the Cyrodillic city of Cheydinhal in the North-East of Cyrodill and bought a large house with the money left for him after his mother and father died 10 years before. In Cheydinhal Talon met Telsa Danlow, a Nordic Women living in Cheydinhal, 7 months later Talon and Telsa were married. A Year later in 3E 411 When Talon was 41 and Telsa 36, the couple had two children,Magtos Skier a boy and Tala Skier a girl. In 3E 426, when Talon was 56, Telsa 50 and Magtos and Tala 15.


Emperor Uriel Septim came to the desicion to have Talon Skier Exiled To Morrowind until further notice, upon this the Skier Family was very upset, a Year later in 3E 427, Talon at the age of 57 was taken to Vvardenfall and past release into Morrowind, upon this Talon made his way to the town of Balmora where he would spend all of his exilation, In Balmora he joined the fighters guild to fill up his time and lived in a small house near the river. He met many people and progressed to Grandmaster of the Balmora Fighters Guild in just 3 weeks.

Released Forever

After being exiled for 5 years in the year of 3E 432, Talon now 62 years old was released for life, after his former Captain in the Skyrim Watch,Vollen had travelled to speak with the Imperial City Jailor, who learnt of the misunderstanding. Talon was released and his family very pleased when he returned to Cheydinhal his children were now not children and were 21 he was glad to be home.

Oblivion Crisis

In 3E 433 with Talon now 63 years old he decided him and his family would return to the city Talon was born in, Markath Side, Skyrim.Due to the Oblivion Crisis getting worst and an oblivion gate opening outside Cheydinhal within a few weeks the Skier family moved back to Markath Rise in Skyrim.

Return to Markath Rise and Death

On return to Markath Rise in Skyrim, Talon took most of his time training his son Magtos to become a great Nordic Warrior, just Like Talon himself. After the Oblivion Crisis was over a new era began called the 4th Era. 11 Years after the new era started in 4E 11, Talon Skier died of old age at the age of 73.

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