The Dunmeri Uprising

The Dunmeri Uprising was a large scale series of battles that erupted after the events of the Oblivion Crisis, spanning three years from 4E 3 to 4E 6 when it ended shortly after the Red Year.

Although the Great House Hlaalu came out on top, it saw the descent of the House following the withdrawel of Imperial Legions and greatly reduced the prominence of the Camonna Tong in Morrowind while bolstering the ranks of House Telvanni.

House Redoran also grew in strength after the war, but was forced to withdraw early due to seperate circumstances.

Morrowind in Chaos

The war stemmed from Morrowind being weakened in several ways. The Second Battle of Red Mountain ended the blight and killed Dagoth Ur, and the Dunmer people rejoiced. At first, it seemed that Morrowind was heading for the right direction.  House Redoran picked up most of the concessions of House Indoril after it folded following the House Dres-Hlaalu alliance, but it's glory in Morrowind was shortly lived because of the disaster at Ald Ruhn.

The day to day life that existed in Morrowind since the First Era was changed forever when the Tribunal lost their power.  The Temple remained a prominent part of every day life, but because of the downward spiral of House Indoril and the sudden changes brought forth in 3E 428 the Temple could no longer maintain the level of absolute authority it had.

This left many players grabbing for straws to see who would come out on top.  Assassinations stemmed from the power vacuum grew in number.  The years between 3E 428 and 433 saw a great number of Morag Tong writs.

Vivec appeared, after centuries of his reclusive lifestyle, to the public, and announced the Tribunal's false godship. This led to the Dunmer questioning the Temple, and their own faith. Some turned to the old ways of worshipping the "good" Daedra, others revered the Nerevarine, but most were left without any religion at all. Almalexia, Mother of Morrowind, would go mad at the loss of her power and kill Sotha Sil, and then attempt to do the same to the Nerevarine. She was killed as a result, and later at the disappearance of Vivec, the Tribunal had ended forever. The Tribunal Temple was at the center of most of the Dunmer's lives, and now it had just vanished, leaving the population of Morrowind weak as a people.

Later, the Oblivion Crisis occurred in 3E 433. Many cities were damaged as a result, most notably Ald'ruhn. The city was completely destroyed, killing most of the Redoran councillors and the Archmaster. With the Redoran stronghold destroyed and many of its leaders killed, the House was in disarray.

King Hlaalu Helseth would then ally his House Hlaalu with House Dres, and end slavery in Morrowind. In the same maneuver, he would use his alliance to crush House Indoril. The abolishment of slavery angered House Telvanni, being the most staunch supporters of the slave trade.

Formation of the Dunmer Alliance

The initial formation of the Dunmer Alliance was due to the rising power of House Hlaalu and Dres after the Empire withdrew many of their forces from Morrowind.  As a counter-balance, House Telvanni and House Redoran formed a non-aggression pact to avoid weakining each other and thus strengthening their rivals.

Orvas Dren was the leader of the Camonna Tong, a criminal organization with the ambition to return Morrowind to it's full glory by driving the Imperial influence out, thereby allowing the Dunmer to become a people on their own once more. He knew the Great Houses were beginning to seek the same thing, and appealed to the Telvanni and Indoril to form an alliance. Gothren, leader of House Telvanni, agreed immediately.

Dren was captured the following day and sentenced to death by the Temple.  Publically this was done to take in a convicted criminal with links to the Tong, but secretly and known between few members of the Temple this was done to deny King Helseth the chance to take Orvas Dren himself. All but the most extreme gangs of the Camonna Tong fused with the Temple as part of a plan to reduce violence in the cities while legitimizing the Tong's operations and strengthening the Temple's ranks.  Orvas Dren went into the custody of the Temple where he remained in the Ministry of Truth for the rest of his life.  In fact this put him in direct contact with many family members of House Indoril who supported his cause, and aided him in restructuring the Camonna Tong as a legitimate militia.

Aryvil Venim, son of Bolvyn Venim and leader of Redoran, made contact with Dren and agreed for the remnants of House Redoran to join the alliance.  This disturbed a number of House Redoran's members who did not want to affiliate themselves with the uncouth wizards of House Telvanni or the gangsters in the Tong.  Never the less it was an important move that would bolster the ranks of their house.  Venim shared many of his father's ideals, and as such wanted the Imperials out of Morrowind as much as Dren did.

Many former members of the once great House Indoril saw this as an oppertunity to take up arms against their perceived enemies in the Empire and other houses such as Hlaalu.  They joined ranks with House Redoran and the Commona Tong against the Temple's wishes. 

The Dunmer Alliance was formed, with the full population of the Camonna Tong, House Telvanni and the remnants of Houses Redoran and Indoril. An organization this sizable was sure to be noticed, and the Imperial Legion prepared for anything.

The Attack on Caldera

The Dunmer Alliance's first move was to attack Caldera.  They selected this place for numerous reasons; it was close enough to the Alliance's stronghold in The Ashlands, and Caldera was a huge source for Imperial revenue.  Furthermore it cut off House Hlaalu's route to north western sections of Vvardenfell.  House Redoran led Alliance troops, consisting of his Camonna Tong mercenaries, Telvanni wizards, and Redoran and Indoril warriors.  The battle in Caldera lasted only two days, but suffered enormous casulties in both sides.  With orders by the Imperial Legion to withdraw most of its forces on the second day to Fort Moonmoth, the entire city was left to Imperial reserves to fend off the attack for retreating Imperials.

All of the Imperial soldiers left in Caldera were killed in the battle or hung, and looting and mayhem by Telvanni mercenaries and Tong thugs filled the streets for a time while House Redoran attempted to establish some sense of order.  The Camonna Tong appointed their own administer over the ebony mines, but quarrels with the Telvanni wizards over shares created a divide with Tong gangsters wanting to avoid a monopoly of Morrowind's goods by the Great Houses.

The Temple stepped in to negotiate between the two, but a prominent House Indoril leader was killed by a mysterious assassin of the Dark Brotherhood during the negitioations.  The Camonna Tong was blamed for the murder, and Orvas Dren immediately surrendered his control over the mines to The Temple for compensation and continued alliance between the two.  This outraged certain members of the Tong and a new faction was born called the Ebony Tong led by Ruulu Eselo.  For weeks the Tongs fought against each other in brief but violent altercations in Caldera's streets.  Eventually Ruulu Eselo won the respect of two upstart Telvanni mage lords, and they were guranteed safe passage to the Telvanni districts of Morrowind to assist in certain conspicious operations.  Thus bringing the Tong Wars to a brief halt.

By the end of the third month of the Alliance's capture of Caldera their reign ended when the Empire returned with a strong precense supported by House Hlaau and Dres.  They ultimately annilated the Alliance's precense and turned control of the mines over to House Hlaalu.  Following the turn over of Caldera, many leaders of the rebellion who were present in the city were killed or captured greatly reducing the effectiveness of House Redoran and House Indoril's control over the rebellion.

The Battle of Gnaar Mok and the Rise of the Ebony Tong

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