The Elder Scrolls: Blighter Invasion: Tamriel in Turmoil

Darth Storm

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August 28, 2008

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Eight Era


8E 24


Blighter Invasion

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The Elder Scrolls: Blighter Invasion: Iea Alacta Est

The Elder Scrolls: Blighter Invasion: Tamriel in Turmoil is a short story telling the tale of the formation of the Blighter Council of Shadow Lords in the wake of the Duel in Dunbarrow.


During the chaos of the Blighter Invasion of Tamriel the Blighter Order of Shadow and Flame faces internal issues. Veloth Direnni, High Shadow Lord, fearing for his throne, decides that to avert a civil war, a coalition government must be formed, a coalition that can control the Order of Shadow and Flame and keep it loyal.

With the retreat of the only great power in Tamriel, the Empire of the Abecean Sea, the Blighter are free to rule their newly conquered lands, but the Blighter are in turmoil, as Lords and Warriors of the Order of Shadow and Flame throw their lot onto opposing sides in the hope of gaining power within the new hierarchy that is sure to form.

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Chapter One: Waiting for AdmissionEdit

Lord Jarl Erik waited patiently and quietly for his name to be called by the captain's scribe and secretary. He paced up and down the dark, dank passage, gripping his hands tightly, shaking slightly. Lord Laicim Airuinil was by far the most powerful member of the Blighter Order of Shadow and Flame to have ever requested his presence, and this worried Jarl greatly. What had he done to warrant this meeting? It had only been several hours since he had awkened from his coma and been told of his ordeal.

Supposdely, following Lord Eannec Kire's dismal failure two years previously Jarl had been seriously wounded and a self induced coma had been the only thing that saved his life. Now, two years later, he had finally awakened and found that much had changed within the Blighter Empire. The Blighter had greatly expanded in the last two years, and Emperor Anathor Nabirrok, leader of the Empire of the Abecean Sea had been killed, yet the Psijic and Knights of Auri-El continued to fight for a lost cause...apparently.

These thoughts of deception had plagued Jarl's mind ever since he had been told the story, he knew that treachery was very common in the Order of Shadow and Flame, and that the story could just as likely be false, as it was true. But before he could dwell further in these thoughts the captain's secretary called him forth. The time had come, to meet one of the most famous Blighter in the entire empire.

Chapter Two: Orders AcknowledgedEdit

Lord Sudaliv Hthard had long been an exile among her own people. Ever since her father's death she had hated the various peoples of Tamriel with all her heart, and with the Empire of the Abecean Sea collapsing and the Blighter domination almost complete, it seemed that she would be given the chance to exact her revenge.

She had fought valiantly over the past two years, always at the front line, and it had paid off just several months ago when she was promoted to the rank of Flame Warrior by her former commander, Lord Laicim Aiurinil. Now she had been called up by the Blighter Ruling Council itself and even the great Lord Sudaliv shook slightly at the thought of her immediate future, and whether it was about to be cut short or not. Sitting on the stone bench, outside the Council Chamber in Archon, Sudaliv shuddered at the thought, shaking it off, preferring to believe that it was good news, for her at least.

Sudaliv had not been sitting for over half of an hour when she found herself being hurried forth into the great Council Chamber. Before her sat four famous Shadow Lords, each one lean, muscular, and radiating of danger. At the head of the table sat the strongest and most powerful of them all, High Lord Veloth Direnni himself. It was then that she noticed a fifth, hooded figure standing just beside the door.

A tall Nordic man, with long blonde hair and a strong face sporting the Deathly Black Dragon Armour of the Shadow Clan of the Order of Shadow and Flame. He had pitch black eyes, suggesting a nocturnal lifestyle and a large scar over his right eye, stretching the length of his face.

"Lord Sudaliv," declared the High Shadow Lord Veloth Direnni, "I would like to introduce you to your fellow Blighter Warrior, Lord Jarl Erik." Sudaliv bowed, and Jarl returned the complement. "I have brought you here because the Empire is in need of help."

"What kind of 'help'? If I may enquire?" asked Sudaliv.

"Defence, from within unfortunately. It seems my recent failure to eliminate Vivec the God has given many of my fellow Shadow Lords delusions of grandeur, delusions which seem to be pitting them against myself. So far it has only been a minor inconvience, but now it seems that things are heating up."

Lord Laicim, who had been listening intently, suddenly interrupted, saying, "Balmora, a city only recently conquered by our forces has fallen under the sway of a Shadow Lord named Lord Hthevy Wodahs. You may have heard of her. But regardless, her claim of this city as her own has sent a message to many of her fellow Lords and Warriors. And if this utter betrayal is not crushed quickly and brutally, then it could erupt into an all out civil war."

"A civil war without end," interrupted the third figure, Lord Cesda Aiurinil.

"Yes, and if that is allowed to happen, the Blighter Empire might not ever gain its place as the supreme power on Nirn. And that is something we cannot allow."

Both Sudaliv and Jarl stood still, neither was shocked at their fellow Blighter's betrayal, but the fact that it was a single Shadow Lord, in a single city just seemed suicidal, and then Sudaliv suddenly realized something.

"Why are you telling us this? Why not just send Lord Liacim, or even Lord Cesda to march on Balmora, and assault it, and kill the traitors?!!"

"Because," said the final figure, "both of you have proven your worth, and his most High Lordship wishes to test you one more time, before your loyalties are rewarded."

"Rewarded?" enquired Sudaliv tentativley.

"Yes, rewarded."

"What must we do?" Jarl asked.

Chapter Three: Battle of BalmoraEdit

As Lord Jarl Erik's new army entered the area surrounding Balmora, he and Lord Sudaliv both gained a sense of excitement at the prospect of battling a Shadow Lord. Both Jarl and Sudaliv had been ordered to wipe out Hthevy Wodas' forces as quickly as possible, and if possible capture the traitor and bring her to Archon, to face the Shadow Council's judgement. Sudaliv would be responsible for leading the Blighter Troopers during the assault, whilst Jarl snuck behind the lines and captured the traitor, Hthevy Whodas.

Now that the plan had been drawn together, the battle began with an intense bombardment of the city by the Order of Shadow and Flame using magicka. Many of the city's tallest buildings were destroyed whilst the smaller buildings were heavily damaged, instantly wiping out most of the traitor's forces.

At first the two Blighter forces encountered little resistance, but slowly the number of enemy troops began to increase until all that differntiated the forces was their loyalty. They bore equal strength, and equal fighting spirit. Jarl knew that the time had come, and he left his forces in the capable hands of Sudaliv, and began searching for the traitor.

Sweeping behind the enemy lines, Jarl's elven longsword slew many Balmoran Rebels before finally falling silent as none remained. He quitely made his way to the former Great House Hlaalu headquarters, and the residence of Hthevy Whodas and infiltrated the building unheard.

30 minutes later

Your time has come Hthevy!" shouted Jarl as the last of Hthevy's personal guard dropped to the ground. "You betrayed the High Shadow Lord and now you must pay the consequences!"

"And what, might I ask, would that be?" replied Hthevy.

"My blade," and with this, Jarl raised his longsword and swung at Hthevy, forcing her to rapidly parry the attack, but at the cost of her position. Knocked from her throne, Hthevy faced Jarl on equal ground, and her skill with the blade quickly began to show. Jarl quickly began to overpower her, however, and within time Hthevy was being forced onto the defence.

In an act of desperation, Hthevy struck Jarl in the gut with a weak magickal blast, catching him by surprise and knocking him completely off balance. As she fled from Jarl she suddenly stopped, and just in time, for as she did Lord Sudaliv's own longsword swung down vertically, nearly decapitating Hthevy.

Parrying Sudaliv's attacks, Hthevy found herself battling to Shadow Warriors, and knew that the battle was lost. In a last desperate attempt to survive, Hthevy fired a powerful fire ball at the two Shadow Warriors, but in vain. For both the Shadow Warriors had quickly jumped out of the way, dodging the attack.

Jarl, growing weary of the battle, decided to end the battle with a swing of his longsword, using his strength to dismember both of Hthevy's legs, instantly incapacitating her.

Chapter Four: Return to ArchonEdit