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The Elder Scrolls Fanon is a fan-fiction wiki based on The Elder Scrolls series. The wiki hosts articles subject to fan fiction within the Elder Scrolls universe created by writers with their own sense of imagination. The site is not limited only to fan-fiction but modding and machinima.


The purpose of the Elder Scrolls Fanon Wiki is to provide a wiki that creative Elder Scrolls fans can publish their own fan-fiction without being rejected like they would be at The Elder Scrolls Wikia. Users can read the material of other users, suggest changes or even edit the article to improve it with the author's permission. The wiki was made as a fan-driven version of the original, encyclopedic wiki. Recently, a few non canon facts have popped up here and there although the wiki has a strict policy on information gained.


&nbsp On February 9th 2007, Habast requested the creation of an Elder Scrolls Fanon Wiki but unfortunately the request was rejected. Six months later on August 6th, George Skywalker requested the creation of the Elder Scrolls Fanon Wiki. His request was eventually accepted and the Elder Scrolls Fanon Wiki is created. On September 27th, The Elder Scrolls Fanon's forum, the Knights Headquarters was created. Later, George Skywalker granted user Manticore administrator status.

On August 5th 2008, Michaeldsuarez sought to create an Elder Scrolls Fanon Wiki on Requests Wiki, however, he found out that it already existed, but was not really active. Michael informed Darth Storm about the Elder Scrolls Fanon Wiki, and both began to take an active part in the wiki.

On August 7th, Darth Storm requested to be administrated from George Skywalker. The next day, George granted Darth Storm administrator status. On August 9th, Michaeldsuarez made a request to George Skywalker to become and administrator as well and was accepted. The site's Bureaucrats were renamed Imperial Battlemages. The site's administration was additionally renamed to the Elder Council.

On August 12th, the M'aiq Knows Template was created, and appeared on the main page. The posts of the Four Masters and Elder Chancellors were created. On August 13th, the first featured article appeared on the main page. The article that appeared was Darth Storm's Fythung. On August 18th, the wiki's new policies were created.

On August 23, many new infoboxes were created, using the appearance of the infoboxes on the Elder Scrolls Wiki. On September 1, thanks to Swannie and the Logo Creation Wiki, two new skins, Monobook and Monaco, were added to the Wiki. The New Skins Forum and many new policies were also created on September the 1st.

On 2012, the wiki was almost lifeless and in need of new staff members. On the 1st of January, Nanosoldier began to design a new look for the wiki in hope that the site would gain popularity again. The next day, Nanosoldier proposed the new look to Hunter Zealot who unfortunately didn't specialize in wikia coding. Nanosoldier was given administrator status and redesigned the wiki and began to make the wiki look stunning visually, hoping that the wiki would eventually turn to a new era.

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