Template:Policy Since Tesfanon is an Elder Scrolls wiki, all articles, images, and videos must have content from, based on, or related to The Elder Scrolls. In addition, since this is a fanon wiki, all in-universe articles must have fanon of some sort.

Article Content

The publication of a article must have something form of content. If the article is published without a form of "introduction", it'll be considered empty and be on the lines of spam. Do not pusblish a article without a introduction.


Crossovers are allowed on this wiki as long as they are connected The Elder Scrolls in a major way. For example, a Zelda-Elder Scrolls crossover is allowed as long as something from The Elder Scrolls is in the crossover. Elder Scrolls material should make up a significant portion of all articles and not just minor references. If the information there is solely from The Legends of Zelda, for example, or it does not contain significant Elder Scrolls material, the article may be deleted.

The non-Elder Scrolls material must be of a theme that can fit into the canon of The Elder Scrolls. For instance, a Halo-The Elder Scrolls crossover might be interesting, but would be far from feasible. Furthermore, the non-Elder Scrolls material must abide by the laws and canon of The Elder Scrolls' universe, which may be difficult to find.

For the above reasons, crossovers projects are not recommended and generally frowned upon unless they are of especially good quality. They might not be taken very seriously by the community, however.

In-universe cintent

All in-universe articles, images, and videos must have fanon. If an article has only canon material, it may be deleted. For example, do not just write about Daedra Lords; create new, creative (and most importantly, non-canon) facts about them.

Out-of-universe content

All out-of-universe articles, images, and videos must somehow relate to The Elder scrolls, fan-fiction, Bethesda Softworks, or Tesfanon. All out-of-universe articles, images, and videos unrelated to these may be deleted.


All articles, images, and videos on this wiki should be appropriate for young viewers. Content should generally be the same or under the ESRB rating of the Elder Scrolls games. This means that all content must match the ESRB rating of Teen (13 or older), Mature (17 or older), or under (17 or younger). Any articles found with inappropriate content will be deleted. Please note that Wikia's terms of use states that Wikia wikis are not meant for and should not be used by children under 13 years of age.

Inappropriate content that will be deleted or removed include, but are not limited to:

  1. Nudity
  2. Extreme violence
  3. Pornography
  4. Racial/sexist comments

Inappropriate content

Some content can be seen as inapprociate for this wiki. Since young children may be visiting the site, use of inappropriate content is highly punishable and the user is to be banned for two weeks. If the user still does not listen to the warnings, then they should expect more bans. However due to the fact of minimal inappropriate content, the author/ uploader will be advised to replace the content with something better. If not, then the article/ image will be deleted.


Main article: w:Wikia:Prohibited content

Some forms of advertisements are not allowed here. Wikia prohibits certain types of advertisements, inlcuding those considered obscene or inappropriate. For more information, please see w:Wikia:Prohibited content.

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