The Elder Scrolls Fanon IRC is an Internet Relay Chat that allows members of the site to communicate with each other live. The IRC can be used for anything from developing ideas with other users to fixing and repairing any wikia-based friendships. Of course, however, this IRC was created solely for discussion relating to the wiki or the video game franchise. Click here to join #tesfanon.


As with any other basic system, the IRC does require a set of guidelines users should follow before they end up being blocked and banned. Since our host is Freenode, we obviously need to abide by their rules when outside of our own Wikia channel. Please read them here.

This particular channel also has a few guidelines one must also follow:


  1. Behave normally: — You will never be asked to be "nice," and personal attacks are unpreventable. Regardless, do not go out of your way to irritate others. Vicious abuse is ground for sanctions.
  • Trolling is not normal: — A general laugh for the entire channel is appropriate but to the point where the fun and jokes become very persistent and irritating, it's called Trolling. Trolling is not accepted on the wiki's channel and those who don't comply will be banned as per users' request or on personal grounds.
  1. No complaining: — Users who ask for something from another IRC user and are refused it should not fill the IRC with complaining, which is grounds for sanctions. It is acceptable to be persistent, but in a mature manner.
  2. Real-world politics and/or religion may only be discussed with unanimous consent: — If someone doesn't want to talk about them, drop the subject.
  3. TESFanon IRC's official language: English: — We don't care if it's British or American, as long as it's not "L33t" or "TXT." Abbreviations are fine, but keep it within reason.
  • Considered as Troll: — Those who wish to instead use different languages such as Arabic or Chinese will instantly be considered as a troll and will be asked immediately to speak in English before they are banned. One exception though is allowing users to play a 'game' in which they would have to solve sentence spoken in a language within the Elder Scrolls universe though however the scenario is highly unlikely.
  1. No spamming: — The meaning should be obvious. Don't say the same thing six times because no one is responding to you. Don't keep pushing a subject nobody cares about.
  2. Ops=admins: — In general, the people with @ symbols (or any other variant by which your client denotes ops) are Elder Scrolls Fanon IRC channel operators. If they're around, then there is an official presence to consult and there are people enforcing the rules. There are exceptions, as not all moderators feel the need to "wear a badge" in IRC, and some ops may not be admins, but system processors or helpful bots.
  • Trusted users: — Users who operators trust entirely can be temporarily be granted with +V (voice) and may act substitute for an operator should he ever be away or there's no other operator on the channel. This power is not to be abused by it's users nor can these users also choose others.
  1. Personal=PM: — Keep long, personal dialogs to personal messages or PMs, or create your own room for it. The #tesfanon channel should be used for the community as a whole. Any conversation there should be for everyone.


Users are advised to use their own usernames on the wiki. Users can also shorten their name to add 'away' or 'sleep' to notify others of their absence. It is not recommended to use one's real name or contact information in the wiki. Do not ask others for theirs without an extremely good reason. Offensive nicknames and impersonation will not be tolerated on the wiki and persistence will be given a consequence of either a ban or block.


As the names says, flooding is literally filling the majority of the chatbox with useless speech or gibberish and is often considered trolling. Continuous flooding will result in the ban off the IRC channel until further notice.

Caps Lock

Caps lock is acceptable when defining abbreviations but is widely frowned upon when used to express anger or frustration. Please remember this is the internet and attempting to intimidate or make users feel guilty is not accepted. One can do it from time to time but not excessively.

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