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Myling Frost-Song

Myling Frost-Song is a Nord wanderer. Never staying in one place for too long and always on the move. In her earlier days she met up with a mysterious witch of the woods calling herself Riamide, who provided Myling with Gastbane, a wooden sword made out of ghost oak with the ability to banish evil spirits.

Myling is an unselfish character with a knack for getting herself into trouble. She wears a scarf across her face that muffles her voice and causes some people to mistake her for a young man. She likes herbalism, long walks and stargazing, and has amnesia which causes her to forget certain points in her life.

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M'aiq heard...
  • ...that the "Hero of Kvatch" was actually a woman.
  • ...Anesdros Oresovas has a Nord sister and an Imperial daughter.
  • ...Vorstag I Septim, the High King of Skyrim, died at the age of 105.
  • ... the Vulon are typically considered as Red Nords because of their skin and blood.
  • ...that the Faemer, or farie, were regarded as goblin-ken to justify their use in slave-labour.
  • ...that after the Oblivion Crisis an uprising erupted in Morrowind?
  • ...that Talon Skier was exiled by Uriel Septim to Morrowind?
  • ...the Blighter were skilled in the use of elephant cavalry
  • obscure version of Command could control human minds?
  • ...the Ayleid Potentate of Vilverin destroyed the Human Kingdom?
  • ...that the Mundari were an extinct race of Giants?
  • ...Molag Bal bestowed the rank of Soul Sweeper to Nil-Oram?
  • ...Valerian Arterius is the distant dunmer ancestor of Saren Arterius
  • ...that Geralt is revered in northern Tamriel as the Dragon-God of War.
  • ...That the political and military puppet master Erik Vyndor controls Skyrim behind the scenes.
  • ...That the Alp is a vampiric daedra created by Molag Bal, which feeds only on mortal men.
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