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The Faemer (Aldmeri: Little Folk), better known as Fae or Faries, are small, intelligent, distinctively-humanoid creatures native to the temperate Summerset Isle and Valenwood providences of Tamriel. They resemble mer, particularly depictions of the ancient Aldmer, in that they are pale-skinned with elvish ears. What sets them apart is that they possess an insect-like pair of wings, and are typically no more than three pertans in height. Their are characterized by their lack of speech, a chaotic, mischievous nature and general lack of predictability. They are closely related to the Piximer.


From the time of the Aldmer until the mid-Second Era, the Faemer were considered proper elves and were permitted to coexist with their fellow elven races in certain settlements. This changed when the Aldmeri Dominion began to take part in the Alliance War, and the elves of the Summerset Isles found a need for increased wartime slave labor. At this point, the Altmer conveniently began to doubt their sacred Aldmer heritage and labeled them a variety of Goblin-ken, which they already very commonly utilized for slave labour. The Faemer are scarcely, if at all, still used as slaves, however, they have lost all of their ties to civilized elven society.


Though the Faemer do not belong to any civilization, and cannot be communicated with directly, some elements of their culture are apparent. They communicate with each other through a complex language of gestures that has gone undocumented and without study since it was first devised. In classical antiquity, they were spotted to have designed their own, small, eloquent and overly-ornamental settlements in the midst of dense woods and forests, composed of tiny homes built around a network of large mushrooms, shortened grass and the trunks of trees. Since their numbers have gone thin, and many of them have migrated from the Summerset Isles to mainland Tamriel, however, such organization hasn't since been observed from their social interactions with each other. In fact, it has been noted that they have become more reclusive and cynically natured since their enslavement by the Altmer, even between themselves.

Most modern Faemer are grouped in clans or families that avoid interaction with outsiders, or members of other groups. They typically burrow under the base of trees in uninhabited reaches of Valenwood or the Summerset Isle's wet, temperate forests.

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