Vorstag I Septim
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Chieftain of the Dawnguard, Heir of Tiber Septim, King of all the Nords, King of the West, Lord of Men and Mer of Skyrim, Qahnaarin, King of Solitude, King of Windhelm, High King of Solitude and Windhelm, Lord of the House of Ronaan, Yoliriik - the Renewer

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Septim, House of Ronaan






First Seed 1, 4E 137


Second Seed 1, 4E 242


Fourth Era

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Hair color:

Dark brown

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Arandagon, other sword, orcish dagger and bow

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Thadgeir, Sigrid and Sissil


Dawnguard, Guard of Markarth


“I am Vorstag son of Rorstag, and am called Septim, the Dragonborn, Chieftain of the Dawnguard, the heir of Pelagius Tiber Septim's son of Skyrim. Here is the sword that was wielded by Martin Septim himself an era ago! Will you aid me or thwart me? Choose swiftly!”
The Dark Realm, The Siege of Morthal

Vorstag II, the son of Rorstag II and Alabystir, also known as Dragonborn, was the 16th Chieftain of the Dawnguard of The Rift; he was later crowned High King Vorstag II Septim of Skyrim (First Seed 1, 4E 137 - 4E 242) and the 26th High King of Skyrim. He was a great warrior, and as the heir of Enman Septim bore the blade Arandagon (meaning "The King's Destruction" in the Aldmeris language), in the Dragon Crisis.


Early years

Vorstag as a toddler

Vorstag as a toddler.

“He was Vorstag son of Rorstag, the nine and thirtieth heir in the right line from Pelagius, and yet more like Tiber Septim than any before him.”
Dragon Crisis: Of the Dragonborn and the Fourth Era

Vorstag was a descendant of the Septim line. His ancestor Pelagius Septim had a secret relationship with his cousin Kintyra who bore their son Uriel Septim I, making Vorstag the last descendant of Agnorith's line as well.

When Vorstag was only two years old, his father Rorstag was killed while exploring a dwarven ruin. Vorstag was afterwards fostered in Markarth by Kleppr. At the request of Arngeir, his lineage was kept secret, as he feared he would be killed like his father and grandfather if his true identity as the descendant of Tiber Septim and Heir of Cyrodiil became known. Vorstag was renamed Thorek and was not told about his heritage until 4E 157.

Kepplr revealed to "Thorek" his true name and ancestry when he was twenty, and gave to him the Ring of Cephorus and the sword Arandagon, that Arngeir left at his possession. Yet, Kepplr maintained Vorstag as a guest at his inn until he left Markarth to join the Dawnguard under the advice of Arngeir. It was also around the time that Kepplr told him of his lineage that he walked up to captain Hurrald of the City’s Guard and said, “I will require a sword and armor. It seems I must be a warrior.

Vorstag thereafter assumed his proper role as a Ranger of the Dawnguard of The Rift and left the comforts of Markarth for the wild, where he lived with the remainder of his people, whose houses and families had previously been destroyed by clans of powerful and dreadful vampires.

Vorstag met Savos Aren, the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold in 4E 162, and they became close friends. Heeding Savos' advice, Vorstag and the Rangers began to guard a small land known as Shor's Stone inhabited by agrarian Nords, and he became known among the peoples just outside the town's borders as Hood, and the nickname soon spreaded to the lands of Whiterun and beyond.

From 4E 170 to 4E 194, Vorstag undertook great journeys, serving in the armies of Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun, and High King Istlod of Haafingar. Many of his tasks helped to raise morale in the West and counter the growing threat of Ulfric Stormcloak and his rebellion, and he earned priceless experience which he would later put to use in the Dragon Crisis. Vorstag served his lords in disguise and his name in Haafingar and Whiterun during that time was Thorolf Dragon-Eagle (maybe a reference to his ancestry and to his duty as a vigilant).

Vorstag, Ranger from the North
called Hood of the Dawnguard with great worth.
Heir of Talos, taking on that guilt.
Rightful Lord of Cyrodiil, by Ayleids built.
A vampire-maid called Serana he loved
And thought of while through Nirn he roved.
Befriended by Arngeir, who taught Nord art,
Travelling the World from Markarth to Sovngarde.
After the War he finally took his place
As King of the bleeding Nordic race.
- Serana (daughter of Sven)

Later in 4E 195, he visited the Fort Dawnguard, and there once again met Serana, whom he had first met when he was but a Ranger of the Dawnguard. He gave her the heirloom of his House, the Ring of Cephorus, and, on the hills of the Velothi Mountains, Serana pledged her hand to him in marriage, renouncing her vampiric lineage and accepting the gift of men: death.

Valerica withheld from Vorstag permission to marry her daughter until such a time as her savior from the Soul Cairn should be king of both Solitude and Windhelm. As both Valerica and Vorstag knew, to marry a mortal, Serana would be required to choose mortality, and thus deprive the deathless Valerica of her daughter while the world lasted. Valerica was also concerned for Serana's own happiness, fearing that in the end she might find death (her own and that of her beloved) too difficult to bear.

Before the events of Dragon Crisis properly take place, Vorstag also traveled through the Dwarven ruins of Raldbthar, to Yokuda, where (in his own words) "the stars are strange." It is not specified when these travels take place nor what happened with Vorstag there, but it is presumed his cheek warpaint was obtained around that time.

Dragon Crisis

Hood at the Bannered Mare

Hood at the 'Bannered Mare'.

“What his right name is I've never heard: but he's known round here as the Hood.”
―The Greybeards' Company, "The Bannered Mare"

Vorstag joined Ralof of Riverwood, the only known survivor of the Helgen incident at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. Though originally the Stormcloak was suspicious of Hood, he eventually trusted him and prepared to escape Whiterun and a vampire attack. Ralof had set out from Riverwood to bring information about the World-Eater to High Hrothgar. Vorstag was aged 39 at the time, nearing the prime of life for one of royal imperial descent. With Vorstag's help, Ralof escaped the pursuing vampires. The bosmer Gwilin later arrived and led them to Ivarstead.

There, Vorstag chose to join Ralof, thus forming the Company of the Greybeards that was formed to guard Ralof, tasked with defeating Alduin in his fortress Skuldafn. Besides Vorstag, Savos Aren, and Ralof, the company included Faendal the Bosmer, Kharjo the Khajiit, and Erik of Haafingar.

Before the group set out, the blade Arandagon was reforged and enchanted, and Vorstag proudly bore it.

Vorstag accompanied the group through an attempt to go upon the pass of Shriekwind Bastion and through the Bleak Falls Barrow. He helped protect Ralof from a draugr captain and became group leader after Savos Aren was presumed lost in battle with the Dragon Priest Morokei. Vorstag led the company to Whiterun.

After Whiterun, Vorstag and the Company sailed up the Karth River to the Marshes of Forgulnthur. Though his original plan was to set out for Haafingar and aid its people in the Crisis, he felt responsible for Ralof after the loss of Savos Aren.


Talos, Vorstag's ancestor.

“Fear not! he said. "Long have I desired to look upon the likeness of Tiber Septim, my sire of old. Under his shadow Vorstag, the Dragonborn son of Rorstag of the House of Uriel Pelagius' son heir of Tiber Septim, has naught to dread!”
― Vorstag proclaiming his lineage

Passing into Ustengrav and the breaking of the Group, Ralof turned and saw Hood, and yet he was no longer Hood; for the weatherworn Ranger was no longer there. In the vanguard walked Vorstag, son of Rorstag, proud and erect, guiding the Company with skillful steps; his hood was cast back, and his dark brown hair was blowing in the wind, a light was in his eyes: a king from exile in a new land.

Death of Erik

Vorstag saying goodbye to Erik after the latter's death.

After passing into Ustengrav, the Company camped in the entrance of the Ustengrav Depths. Ralof saw that Erik had been driven mad by the fear of the World-Eater and jealousy of Vorstag’s position as the leader. At this same time, the others were attacked by a dremora army summoned by Ancano and a battle ensued. During the ensuing battle, Erik was killed defending Ralof and Meeko from the dremora archers and giving up his desire for monarchy in a last attempt to honor his father, the deceased High King Torygg. Faendal, Kharjo, and Vorstag put Erik's body and war gear in one of the boats of Whiterun as a funeral boat and tribute to Erik for his bravery and courage. His body would be sent to the Sea of Ghosts. 

After this Vorstag, Kharjo and Faendal turned and found their way to Riverwood, in order to seek the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, that had been stolen from Ustengrav before their arrival by Delphine, a Blade that had been secretly stalking Vorstag from a long time. There they found Savos Aren, sent back from Artaeum by the Tribunal now as a member of the Psijic Order.

The Three Hunters

Faendal talking to Vorstag

Faendal talks to Vorstag.

In the marshes of Morthal, the Three Hunters Vorstag, Faendal, and Kharjo encountered Adgard, who had recently been pursuing rumours of a dremora raid in the area. From Adgard, Vorstag learned that the dremora who had kidnapped Ralof and Meeko had been destroyed and that the two hostages had not been found. Dejected, he led Faendal and Kharjo to the site of the battle. Clues led Vorstag to believe that the companions might still be alive, and he led the Three Hunters into Riverwood to seek answers with whoever stole the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. They did not find their friends, but they did find Savos Aren the Psijic Mage, sent back from Artaeum to continue his struggle against Alduin. Savos Aren told the Three Hunters that their friends were safe with the Malatar.

Where now are the Dawnguard, Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin?
Where do thy kinsfolk wander within?
Near is the hour when the lost should come forth,
And the Greybeard Company ride from the North.
But dark is the path appointed to thee:
The Dead watch the road that will make of Skyrim free.
- Einarth's message to Vorstag

Vorstag in Second Act

Vorstag in Blackreach.

Together, Savos Aren and the Three Hunters travelled to Riften, where Savos freed Jarl Harrald from Ancano's enchantment and helped him organize his armies against Ancano. He allied with Jarl Harrald and led the refugees to Mistwatch.

Vorstag, Faendal and Kharjo then help the people of Riften in the Battle of Mistwatch, in which they conclusively and victoriously defeated Ancano's army. Afterward Vorstag went with Savos Aren to Winterhold only to find Winterhold in ruins by the work of the Giants. Vorstag, being present with Savos Aren, Harrald, Saerlund, Faendal and Kharjo, negotiate in a final parley with Ancano. Ancano at first tries to bend Harrald to his will and at first Harrald is almost swayed but then he masters his will and refuses to join with Ancano. Ancano then sneers at Harrald and turns his attention to Savos and tries to sway him, only to be laughed at. Then Savos Aren offers him a chance of repentance without limits. Ancano turns white in his face at this, sadly in the end however Ancano refuses to repent out of pride and to leave the College of Winterhold. Savos Aren drains Ancanos's magicka as he is no longer more powerful (even with the Eye of Magnus) and the altmer is banished from the Order of Magic and The Winterhold Council. After Ancano crawls away, Estormo then throws a shard of the now blown up Eye of Magnus at Savos Aren as he and the others are leaving the College of Winterhold. But misses not being able to decide who he hated more Savos Aren or Ancano. Thus ending the Battle of Mistwatch and the Battle of Winterhold.

The High King of the North

Vorstag Draugr Army

Vorstag leads the Unified Armies against the Draugr.

In order to defend the city, Vorstag travelled to the Sky Haven Temple, and summoned the Army of the Blades who owed allegiance to the Third Empire. With their aid the Cultists of Solstheim in their ships were defeated.

Vorstag, a small force of Rangers, and a large contingent of men and soldiers from the southern regions then sailed west the Sea of Ghosts to Solitude. When they arrived at the Battle of the Forgulnthur Marshes, Vorstag unfurled a standard that Serana had made for him which showed both the Red Dragon of Cyrodiil along with the jagged crown of the House of Ysgramor. With the help of the eastern forces the armies of Haafingar and the Rift rallied together and defeated Alduin's army.

The Jarl Elisif the Fair declared that she would not bow to a descendant of Tiber Septim (years before, she had seen "Thorolf" as a rival to his husband's glory in the Great War). Vorstag healed Aldis, captain and in the circunstances, heir of Solitude, winning him the immediate recognition of Aldis as rightful heir to the jarlship; his humility and self-sacrifice gained him the hearts of the inhabitants of Haafingar's capital city. Vorstag's healing abilities, moreover, were a sign to the people of Haafingar of the identity of their true king; as Silana Petria said, "The hands of the High King are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful king be known." The people hailed him as High King that same evening.

The Dragon's Deceit

Since Alduin had returned in 4E 201, he had been haunting and destroying Sovngarde and devouring the dead heroes' souls. Gormlaith Golden-Hilt was caught by the powerful gaze of Alduin, and stood by idly as her sister was dragged away, calling to her, a captive for Alduin. Alduin deceived her into believing her relatives were suffering in Skuldafn in spirit-shape slavery, and Gormlaith abandoned her sister to seek out her kin.

Gormalith's searching ended when Alduin returned to Sovngarde one last time to strenghten himself for the Siege of Skuldafn. Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, Vorstag, whom had came from the Portal of Sovngarde and Vrage the Gifted set out to kill the dragon, but Vorstag was the only one to reach the World-Eater. With Arandagon, he killed Alduin at the Aldtelaedra, but Gormlaith was finally defeated by the dragon in life and in death, going to the Void. As Vorstag came to search for her and his sword, Alduin with his last words greeted the Dovahkiin.

As High King of Skyrim

IMG 5213

The Jarls bow to King Vorstag.

“Men of Skyrim, hear now the Jarl of Solitude! Behold! One has come to claim the kingship again at last. Here is Vorstag, son of Rorstag, chieftain of the Dawnguard of The Rift, Captain of the Blades, bearer of the Jagged Crown, wielder of the Sword Arandagon, victorious in battle, whose hands bring healing, the Dragonborn, Septim of the line of Uriel, Pelagius’ son, Tiber Septim's son of Skyrim. Shall he be king and enter into the Castle and dwell there?" And all the host and all the people cried yea with one voice.”
― Jarl Elisif the Fair announces the coronation of King Vorstag

 Upon Alduin's defeat, Vorstag was crowned as High King of Skyrim, a title given to him by the Jarls of Skyrim. He became the thirty-fifth High King of Skyrim, though it would be several years before his authority was firmly reestablished in Tamriel. His line was referred to as the House of Ronaan (Ronaan being Dragon Language for "Ranger").

Vorstag married Serana shortly afterwards, and ruled the Province of Skyrim until 242 of the Fourth Era. His reign was marked by great harmony and prosperity within the other Tamrielic Provinces and Skyrim, and by a great renewal of cooperation and communication between Men, Mer, and the Beastfolk, fostered by his vigorous rebuilding campaign following the war. Vorstag led the forces of Skyrim on military campaigns against the Alik'r in Hammerfell, re-establishing rule over much territory that Skyrim had lost in previous centuries. He died at the age of 105, after 36 years as king. He was succeeded on the throne by his son, Thadgeir Septim. Serana, saddened by the loss of her husband, gave up her mortal life shortly afterwards. Serana and Vorstag also had two daughters, Sigrid and Sissil.

The Dragonborn’s Oath sung by Vorstag when he is crowned King is as follows: "Tir do Sot Angar wah Keizaal zu'u meyz. Ko daar staad fen zu'u lahney, ahrk dii defahn, nawah oblaan do lein.”

Death and End of Reign

When in the year 242 of the Fourth Era, King Vorstag realised his days were at an end, he reunited his family in the Blue Palace. He said farewell to his son Thadgeir and his daughters and gave Thadgeir his crown and Serana gave him the Ring of Cephorus. Serana remained at Vorstag's side until he died. Shortly a year after Vorstag died, Serana soon died of a broken heart. Thadgeir began his reign as the High King of Skyrim after his father's and mother's death.

“Then a great beauty was revealed in him, so that all who after came there looked on him in wonder; for they saw that the grace of his youth, and the valour of his manhood, and the wisdom and majesty of his age were blended together. And long there he lay, an image of the Kings of Men and Mer in glory undimmed before the breaking of the world.”
― Description of Vorstag's death.


“Was there ever anyone like him? Except Talos, of course. I think they must be related.”
Ralof on Vorstag

He is lean, dark, tall, with a shaggy head of dark brown hair flecked with grey, and in a pale stern face a pair of keen brown eyes." In The Tale of Vorstag and Serana, he was said to be often grim and sad, with unexpected moments of levity. He was said to be six feet six inches tall.

Vorstag possessed altmer wisdom due to his childhood in Markarth where he learned from Calcelmo and the foresight of the Greybeards. He was also a skilled healer and alchemist. He was also a mighty warrior and an unmatched commander; after the Battle of Skuldafn, he, Saerlund and Clagius Asgarn were said to be left unscathed, even though they had been in the thick of the fighting.

Though there is no indication of his ever doubting his role and destiny as the future High King of Skyrim and one of the leaders of the war against Alduin, he was not immune to self-doubt, as he doubted the wisdom of his decisions while leading the Company after the loss of Savos, and blamed himself for many of their subsequent misfortunes.

On one occasion, his pride (or reverence for his heritage) led to complications, as he refused to disarm and leave his sword Arandagon (a priceless heirloom of Cyrodiil and the weapon that had cut Mehrunes Dagon and Alduin's flesh) at the door of the Mistkeep, as Jarl Harrald had required, and only did so after Savos left his own sword (also of high lineage) behind. Even so, he swore that death would come to anyone else who touched it (whether by his own hand or by some magic, it is left unsaid).

Names and titles

Vorstag was called the Dawnguarder by the people who knew about the faction, Longshanks or Stick-at-naught Hoodie, Hood by the people of Whiterun (it was under this name that he was introduced to Ralof), and Wingfoot (given by Adgard after discovering that Vorstag had travelled forty-five leagues in four days in pursuit of the dremoras). He was the founder of the House of Ronaan (Ronaan is "Ranger" in Dragon Language, after the mistrustful nickname given him by the rustics of the North. By dragons themselves (and the Greybeards or sometimes the Blades), he was called Dovahkiin, and by Durnehviir he was called Qahnaarin, meaning "vanquisher". He was also known as Thorek to protect his true lineage from the Mede Dynasty when they were seeking the heir of Enman Septim until he came of the age of 20. He was also known as Thorolf Dragon-Eagle in his younger days when he travelled around Skyrim and performed services in Whiterun and Solitude often by protecting camps and raiding enemy strongholds.



Arandagon wielded by Uriel Septim.

Vorstag's skills in battle lay primarily in his sword craft. He was a mighty warrior with the sword and easily defeated many types of foes, ranging from large groups of draugrs o far more powerful foes such as trolls and dragons, evident throughout various battles. In each case, Vorstag's finesse in battle has served him greatly and earned him much recognition and respect from both the Company of High Hrothgar and the people of Whiterun and Solitude. He was arguably the greatest swordsman of the Fourth Era, surpassing the likes of Jarl Balgruuf, Erik and perhaps even Ulfric Stormcloak. His ability with the Voice was said to be more powerful than any of the Greybeards: during his reign he explored all of the known ruins in Skyrim and learned more than thirty shouts.

The sword of Vorstag is Arandagon, the ancient sword of Uriel III Septim which he used to slay many dragons (including Alduin himself) and evil men and mer during the Dragon Crisis.

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