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Vulon were a race of Men in the northern regions of the Sea of Ghosts near Atmora. They were primarily bred by Dragon Priests Ahzidanomurr and Miralkir to be a race of completely obedient warriors and users of the Thu'um. Millennia later, they are still around but appear to be Redgaurd in appearance but have the racial blood of Nords with high resistance to frost.


During the Dragon Wars, the Alduin ordered their loyal servants to breed them a race of completely obedient and deadly warriors capable of grasping the Thu'um in an accelerated pace. These warriors , Vulon , had an extremely high tolerance to frost where at one point they considered it warm.

When Alduin and his armies were defeated, the Vulon began to fight amongst themselves as they had no leaders to guide them. To the Vulon this is called the Akamirviri, the Year of Spilled Blood. Amongst the Vulon stepped up several lords, such as Lord Hevoran, that fromed the first dynasties to rule the Free Vulon.

Centuries later, the island of Atmora became to hostile even by Vulon standards. Most settled on Hammerfell with most of the First Redgaurds  and integrated into their society. The rest set sail during the Second Age for a new home eventually finding Odvulon, an island to their north of Skyrim. They currently have no known activities going on beyond the kingdoms of Tamriel.


Many Vulon men serve as trainees or or soldiers many parts of their lives while the women usually serve as housewives unless they prove themselves through a very strict and military process that last up to 6 months of probation under watchful eyes. If they succeed and pass their trials, they are welcome into Vulon military. Vulon who are farmers,miners,and merchants are usually teens who are on reserved time on their training schedules.


Many Vulon are considered very calm headed and relaxed when in a peaceful situation. However it is known when a trader gets too cocky and says something harmful to Vulon customs, they have been known to cut out a merchants tongue and force it down his throat. They usually then proceed to take his septims and set the place on fire leaving the merchant to ponder his last moments in life.

Other than that they are completely respectable merchants...


Vulons are considered as mates for life when a male and a female have had any 'personal relations'. To complete this form of mating they hold a ceremony that takes up to a few days. When this has been done they are to lead a hunting party to complete the vows that they would forever protect each other.

Vulon have only two other relationships- family and friends who become brothers. Many Vulon have achieved family but not all Vulon have friends they can called brothers. This is because many friends die an honorable death at the hands of an enemy. Only 3 people have survived long enough to gain the title, Friend Brother, such as Bjorn the Fearless.

Honor Titles

Honor titles are given to Vulon who have done brave deeds in the past. For example, a warrior who may have survived an entire battalion worth of enemies might be given the name Challenger of Death (or Turentillion in Vulon). One might be given the name Twice-Killed if they have survived two near death experiences.

It is usually hard to gain an honor title because each Vulon is expected bring honor to his or her clan and people.


There are several ranks in the Vulon Military-

Trainee-a recruit; doesn't see real battle for several months

Soldier-a common infantry unit for Vulon men. Great honor and prestige is needed to excell in the military of the Vulon.

Minor Bloodlord- a soldier who has gained honor and prestige and usuallly has seen close to 50 battles in their career. Apprentices to Bloodlords

Bloodlord- a commander type of soldier. These are usually Vulon soldiers who have been bestowed with command of their own squadron to oversee the Minor Bloodlords. Usually are seen with Minor Bloodlords to test them to see if both parties are ready to excell. Theyve usually seen close to 125 battles

Legate- Usually considered commanders of armies when seen on the battlefield. Unlike the typical armor soldiers under them have, they were little to nothing except armored tunics and armbands.

Turentillion- 'Challengers of Death' are the supreme commanders of the Vulon army. They lead and rarely AREN"T seen on the battlefield surrounded by heaps of enemies. These Vulon are typically soldiers who have honor titles and have more than once bring honor upon their clan or family.


Vulon clans are united by one person who isn't exactly representing a clan. The King is born from a clan of course, but he severs his ties to his clan to represent himslef and his own family clan. If his clan is wiped out, the Turentillion come together to vote on which should lead the people until death of his clan.

Old Vulon Pantheon (Alduin's Lordship)

Alduin(Cheif God)

Odahviing (God of Thu'um)

Miralkir (Birth God)

Ahzidanomuur (God of Life)

New Vulon Pantheon




Yngvar Once-Living (Vulon legend states this was the First Turentillion. When he died he became go of the dead. So a Vulon Shor)


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