Horrible, terrifying beasts, the warplings are created by chaos and misery, in the pits of the realm known as Warpland on the misstreated world, Telus. Warpland is a land of nightmare and vacuum. The Warplings have terrifying strength and speed. Warplings are a great enemy to the other races, but joined the Dark Horde of its own accord, perhaps to join in on the chaos and misery of the Invasions. On Tamriel the Dremora, now considered a sentient race and welcome among the races of Tamriel, have learned certain ways to control these mindless beasts.

These poor slaves of darkness, much is said about these ferocious, bloodthirsty creatures, and they are only welcome in Warpland or on the Dark Horde's lands on Telus. With their superhuman strength and speed they are masters of weaponless combat, they are very intelligent as their long lives bring them wanted and unwanted knowledge.