The Watchtower of Tegrize is the third largest settlement and the biggest structure on the island of Caload. It is of course a Lilmothian Fort, and manned by the Lilmothian Horde. The post is a strong one, and has only once been breached. Inside is a Hist Cult Shrine, a plentiful armory, and general quarters for the soldiers. The Watchtower is seen by most as the cushest post, and they are constantly bickering with the Deployment Generals in Black Marsh over how long their post at Tegrize should be. The fort has a particularly large armament, bearing more weapons, armor, and men than most of the Lilmothian forts in Black Marsh. Since an attack by werecrocodiles, little is known of the fate of the Watchtower of Tegrize other than that the Barsaebic Ayleids, the original inhabitants of the isle of Caload are looking to drive it, the Argonians, and their respective presence off Caload for good.