Untrained hand to hand combatants are known to make a club of the hand and beat on their opponents like a drum. It is a truly uncouth way to victory. The Way of the Fist is far more sophisticated and far more deadly. The essential point of the Way of the Fist is the first finger of the Way of the Fist. The five part ways is concentration, reaction, equilibrium, speed, and breath control. To master unarmed combat all five digits must be mastered.

If all of the blow is concentrated into a small point, it is more potent. To strike with just the thumb can be more deadly than to strike with the whole fist. However, only the most highly trained warrior can do this. The second aspect of this fighting style is the mental discipline to think hard about what is being done. Distractions are ignored as the will maintains the ultimate goal. The truly deadly fighter can even block out his own pain in this manner.